Friday, April 24, 2009

1602** : "We can't process your report, our system is down"..


You might wonder what does my title mean. Well, let me share this short story first which happen a couple of hour earlier before I post this entry..
There was supposed to be a gathering at the church I attended every Sunday. And to our surprised, the church was broken in by burglars. But thank God they didn't manage to take anything since they just finished gathering all of the goods and equipment and neatly laid near the main door. At that moment, we came and screw all their plan. They manage to escape though since they heard us coming up the stair. They calmly went down, pass us and then ran away. We only realized they were burglar when we saw the lock-peeled door. 7 locks to be exact. The church is a rented lot at the 2nd floor of a building.
Ok, long story short, we went to the nearest police station to lodge a report. When we came there, only two policemen was in the station (which was a premise usually used for commercial purpose like shops). They were eating KFC while watching Astro.

I went in and explain the situation. One of them then sat in front of a computer (the other kept on watching Astro) and began asking the details about the burglary. The moment I mentioned it was a church, I noticed his face expression changed a bit. He also looked surprised after realizing I was a Sabahan, has the word 'bin' in my Mykad yet a Christian and doesn't do the common job a Sabahan usually associated with in West Malaysia like factory workers, security guard etc. He also has this smirk on his face when I speak. Well, I don't change my accent even though I can. Maybe it's funny to him but it doesn't bother me really.

So, he spent about 20 minutes asking stuff and printed the report. To my surprised, it wasn't a report but he only issued us a complaint letter. And he actually asked us to take the letter to the main Police Station in Klang Town which was further away and lodge the report again there. When I asked why can't the report be done here, this was his replay,
"Oh, we can't process your report here, our system is down. Go there and show this letter. They will handle it from there."
I was like, what? Why didn't he tell us earlier that the system was down? But I took the letter, thank him and walk out. Questioning or complaining wouldn't get us anywhere.

At the end, we didn't made the report. We realized it was for nought. It's not like the burglars manage to steal anything anyway.

Well, I believe that God works in mysterious way. And I believe He also does in this incident. Just that we are yet to know what is His plan.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racism is growing in Sabah?


What? Is it true? Sabah are beginning to show more racist attitudes?

Ok, first of all, racism exist in all of us. The difference is the 'level' or 'how much'. I also sometime show racist attitude like stereotyping. It can be positive or negative but stereotyping is still a racist act.

As much as I want to deny it...but it's a fact that racism are beginning to show a stronger 'stinkin' smell in Sabah. Why do I say so?

1. Datuk Pairin ask that the 'lain-lain' in referring Sabahan to be change to 'Bumiputera Sabah'. You might say, "Hey, isn't that a good thing?". Yes, but it's based on Racism. It's true that this term acknowledge us the 'lain-lain' but it is still racism. And this seems like a West Malaysian vs East Malaysian kind of racism. Why not ask for 'warganegara' and 'bukan warganegara' instead and abolish all of the race column? I know..."Jangan cabar kami" would be the answer..

2. The younger generations are not as color blind as it used to be. Why? Do you remember how last year, Sabah UiTM students rally against the proposal for 10% quota for non-Bumiputera to enter UiTM? I was shocked to hear the news. Was it Sabah students or Peninsular students? It was Sabahan! Shame on these 'stupid' Sabahan UiTM student! No brain? Didn't they realized that they were just being used? or did they joined the demo just to skip class?'s an old case yet it shows how racism began to tarnish the younger Sabahan through education.

3. Religion conflict that involve Sabah & Sarawak. The word 'Allah' and the seizure of books and other Christian material. Some Sabahan actually support it! Ok, the number of people who support it are rather small, but it shows racism is using religion as its tool to penetrate Sabah.

4. Politic. Now this is the main culprit. I'm sure those who are aware of the political situation in Sabah know which party I'm refering to. They are the one that brought this race base politic into Sabah. They are the one who stir the ethnics demografic in Sabah by bringing in 'Melayu Baru' a.k.a 'I.C Projek'. And I bet these are the people that support the banning of 'Allah' word in Christian publication. In a nut Shell, 'UMNO'.

What can we do to prevent this? We can't do it by force, for we are peace-loving people. We can only prevent it by educating our younger generation and reminding ourself constantly what it meant to be a Sabahan. Living in a land without prejudice and color blind.

Not just Sabahan or Sarawakian but also our brothers and sisters in West Malaysia. Teach your young one what it meant to be a true Malaysian Malaysian and also to yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answering Sabahan stereotype by them [you]...


Stereotype. Everyone do it. When I was still a little kid, I thought that West Malaysian were very develop with tall buildings, big road, technology savvy etc. I thought that the community there were very united. Well, that was what they kept showing back then (until now) in the TV, textbooks, magazines and those patriotic songs. That was my stereotype towards them [you].

In a nut shell, I look highly on them [you].

But, these childhood image of mine slowly fade as I grow up. But, that is another topic. What I want to write about is their [your] stereotype about us Sabahan.

- Do you still live up a tree?
This was the most popular and ancient stereotype by them [you] and surprisingly, in this day of ages, I still get asked with this question. And I laugh every time.

- Do you hunt for food?
Well, duh..Yeah we sometime hunt for food. In the supermarket or Tamu. And we do go hunting for wild boar occasionally using sumpit. And no, sumpit doesn't exist in Sarawak only.

- Sabahan girls are 'slutty' and easy to 'get'.
What?! Where on earth did they [you] get this idea from? This piss me off. The answer is NO. It's a myth. This is due to the friendly nature of us Sabahan. And I'm not a girl so I know when it comes to flirting with Sabahan girls.

- Sabahan are full of corrupt people.
Now, how do you gauge the corruptness of people? Ok, this is a very well-known stereotype even among Sabahan ourself. So well-known it sounded like a real fact. But is it? How many are those who were caught were actually Sabahan? Any statistic? I've tried googling it and I can't find any. Even Lim Kit Siang say so but is it true or is it just for his political gain?

Ok, there were Sabahan ministers busted for corruption such as Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam (wonder if he's still a Tan Sri..) and also Datuk Osu Sukam for his infamous gambling debt. And recently, an Umno member Datuk Japli from my hometown Kota Belud was suspended (only) from Umno due to 'money politic'. But what about the 'others'?

It seems this stereotype is just another mean for them [you] to find a 'black sheep' to blame and hide their [your] own corruptness.

- Most Sabahan are illiterate meaning most of them are stupid. That's why they vote BN.
What? Hello, illiterate doesn't mean stupid, stupid [you]. We still know how to differentiate right from wrong. e.g: We don't do racist act. And political party is just political party. I don't give a damn which party as long as it help the rakyat. And I know BN is sucking Sabah but what does the opposition plan for Sabah if they win in Sabah. I mean, Anwar is a very well-known figure in Sabah since he was the one responsible in orchestrating the first ever huge defection in Malaysia thus paving way for Umno/BN along with its racist political agenda to enter Sabah. Beside, most of them [you] are more interested in dethroning Umno/BN rather than really helping us.

And I'm not supporting Umno/BN, PR or any West Malaysian base party. Why? The answer is in my previous post.

- Sabahan are poor people.
Poor? In what term? Material? Ok, most Sabahan are called poor not because we don't have any assets. We actually have our own land but due to the poor development in Sabah, these lands doesn't worth much and cannot show its true potential. And we use our land mostly for agriculture purpose. How much can you get? Not much but some of us are actually food sufficient. So yes, we are poor if cars, money in the bank, house and our outer appearance were to be used as a gauge. But in truth, we are not poor at all.

And the illegal immigrants who became legal also contribute to the statistic of poverty in Sabah. These people have nothing. They came poor, got a Mykad (backdoor method), and stay poor for a while, but long enough to be listed in the poverty list.

There are still a lot of stereotype about us but that's it for now. Oh, and some new stereotype about West Malaysian [you] by us Sabahan are emerging as well. What stereotype? Like I wrote earlier, that's another topic..

p/s: them and [you] only applies to the ignorant one..for those who are not, please don't get offended. If you do, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What? East Malaysian are Stupid you say?


The by-elections result was just as I thought it will be. BN=1, PKR=2. Now that has been done with, shall we proceed to the actual mandate given by the people, ensuring the well being of the rakyat?

I'm getting sick of this non-stop political bickering when we are already in a big economic crisis. Not to mention our degrading education standard, rampant corruption, and East Malaysia being sideline all this Malaysian years.

Speaking of East Malaysian, it really piss me off reading some of the comments in blogs and forums regarding the winning of BN in Batang Ai.

from LKS blog
monsterball Says:

Yes…These Malaysians are real dumb.
Win or loose actually does not make any differences right now…at Batang Ai..a small state seat.
It is Bukit Gantang…a parliament seat most important.
But by loosing…at Batang .Ai…it means PR need to work harder for 13th GE…to make them understand real freedom.
Looking at the big majority for BN…are these people nuts….no brain at all?
from MI
Only a Batang
written by Freedom Pursuer, April 07, 2009
BN can only win Batang! but lost two Bukit, Haha..What so proud? rural folks..
from MT
written by Semut Jantan, April 07, 2009 23:03:25
Batang Ai voters,

You have spoken. You wanted to wait for another 50 years to see the SUN or the LIGHT.

Suffer on. But the West Malaysians have had enough of 50 years of BN bullshit. You guys are just starting out, I supposed. Enjoy the ride, it is only 50 years.
These are just some of the comments. There are more. What pisses me off is these people are just so damn ignorant.

I'm not Sarawakian. But I can't stand it when these ignorant people uttering such comment without using their brain. These people are somewhat the same as those UMNO goons.

To those ignorant West Malaysian,
- We East Malaysian are not stupid and uneducated. Don't stereotype us with your narrow mind.
- Your issues and political game are way different than us. Blame yourself for not understanding that.
- One Malaysia by Pakatan Rakyat? You guys? We East Malaysian have been practicing that concept for decades and we actually have more ethnic compared to you guys. And now you are bashing us and even worst condemning us? Your One Malaysia are just a piece of crap then!
- Rural folks are less important? Oh, now we are using standard to distinguish those who are needed and not in Malaysia? That's another reason for calling your One Malaysia a piece of crap.

I was thinking of congratulating you West Malaysian for showing the rakyat power. But it seems your mentality towards East Malaysian are no different than to those you guys oppose.

Seems like who ever helm the government, if they are still from West Malaysian, the result will still be the same for us East Malaysian. We'll still be marginalized.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

so-called Decendent of Sultan Sulu burnt Sabah Flags???

Lahad Datu: Police sent rapid reinforcements of 80 officers and personnel from the General Operations Force (GOF) and Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) after two groups involving 12 men burnt Sabah flags in the township, here, Saturday. DE
This is getting outrageous. Who does he think he is? Claiming as a Sultan and demanding Sabah to be handed to him? Even worst they actually burnt Sabah Flag in public as if they really own the place.
The burnt Sabah flags. source
Talk about barbaric act. And they even went to the district police station after committing the burning act as if they were challenging the police to take action on them.

The worst part is, the so-called Sultan Sulu and his followers actually had Mykad.

Well, they can keep dreaming on trying to claim Sabah. 'They' refers to any parties who are trying to get a hand on Sabah, like the Philippine and this deluded so-called Sultan Sulu. They can't even run their country properly. Sabah will be doomed if that ever happen.

I wonder how will our state government react on this incident..hmm