Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indonesian school in Sabah..for the better or..??


The Indonesian government is proposing for a land to build and relocate the present Sekolah Indonesia Kota Kinabalu (SIKK) at Alamesra. Actually, I didn't even know that such school exist in Sabah. So why did the Indonesian Government decided to relocate the current school? read here.

For me, this is actually a great idea. It is better to give these kids a proper education rather than being a street kids. But some issues come to mind. Will the pupils that are going to attend this school are those with legitimate paper or illegal immigrants as raised by PBS. It is a sound concern, even though it might be politically motivated, if you know what I mean.

And if these kids are not from paperless Indonesian family, why not just attend government school? Is it not there are laws that allows them to attend government school? Maybe economic problems..?

But whatever the reason for building SIKK, I hope it is done through the right channel.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Less than half is Sabahan in Sabah.


All Sabahan know of this situation but to know that the Native Sabahan have really become minority in our own land, it's like a nightmare turning into a reality. A situation that usually only happens in the movies.

What can we do? These new 'natives' have already rooted to deep in Sabah current situation. I have met a lot of these new 'natives' working not as labors but professional such as nurse, teacher, contractors, YB etc.

I can only see one solution. Compete. Yes, that is the only way out. We can't force them to go out from Sabah or Malaysia anymore. Unless they still haven't got any legal document yet which is very unlikely due to 'Projek I.C' decades ago. We can't just keep on blaming our government or Sabah state government for that matter. They wouldn't give a damn other that their own pocket.

So, Sabahan, get educated. Sought any opportunity to improve our self. (legal one la..)