Friday, February 27, 2009

Cabotage Policy...What is it?


First, let me enlighten you about Cabotage Policy. (Just in case you don't know)
Cabotage refers generally to the transport of passengers and goods. Originally, it referred specifically to shipping, but cabotage also applies to airlines, trucking, and trains. Many nations have cabotage laws which dictate the terms which carriers must follow when transporting people or materials within their borders. Many of these laws are designed to promote the development of domestic transport companies, and some cabotage laws have been criticized because they can restrict free trade. source
So, why did Malaysia government implemented this policy?
The Malaysian Government has implemented a policy which reserves the transportation of goods in the domestic trades to ship flying the Malaysian Flag. This policy was necessary because only a small number of Malaysian registered ships were playing the coastal routes. The policy which reserves the domestic trade to its own flagged vessels is known as Cabotage Policy. It was implemented in Malaysia on 1 January 1980. To implement the policy, the Merchant Shipping Act 1952 (MSO 1952) was amended.source
It is kind of similar with NEP concept since this policy is protecting certain group (in this case Malaysian vessel) in the domestic shipping business. So, what seems to be the problem?
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah is unlikely to achieve its ambition to become a leading port hub in this region, despite its great potential to take over the role of Port Kelang and even Singapore port, if the cabotage policy for East Malaysian states continues to exist.DE
If this is the reason, I bet our federal government wouldn't even bother since it will jeopardize the already established Port Kelang and also their business. Or will it?
"We are not totally against the cabotage policy because in other countries there are also such policies. We are just hoping for the cabotage policy between the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak be lifted or abolished," he said.DE
In other words, it will only effect their business domestically between peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak. So, what's in for Sabah and Sarawak?
He said the other main benefit expected from the abolition of the cabotage policy in Sabah is the reduction of the trade imbalance between Sabah and the peninsula resulting from the cargoes generated from manufacturing growth as manufacturing will be more competitive due to the elimination of the shipping barriers.DE
Hmm, in other word, foreign shipping company can directly ship imported goods to Sabah and Sarawak.

It works like this, a foreign vessel carrying imported goods cannot sail directly to Sabah and Sarawak port due to this policy. Every imported goods must be ship with a Malaysian vessel. So, the foreign vessel have to empty their ships at Port Kelang. From there, Malaysian vessel will then ship these goods to Sabah and Sarawak. This cause the price of these goods to rise. The goods can be anything from raw materials to finish products.

Will the federal government listen and take any action? Let's wait for a while and see.. the respond might not be a positive one.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We can print, write the word Allah..But..

“The printing, publishing, sale, issue, circulation and possession of any document and publication relating to Christianity containing the words ‘Allah’, ‘Kaabah’, ‘Baitullah’ and ‘Solat’ are prohibited unless on the front cover of the document and publication are written with the words ‘FOR CHRISTIANITY’,” Fr Lawrence said, quoting from the letter dated Feb 16, 2009.

“The words ‘FOR CHRISTIANITY’ referred to in sub paragraph (1) shall be written clearly in font type Arial of size 16 in bold,” he added.

The notification, which falls under the Internal Security Act, was gazetted on Feb 16 this year.MI

Meaning, we can use it but we can't say it. If we want to say it, we must say it in front of Christians only since the phrase For Christianity is needed.

Since most of our previous publications, songs, articles contain this word but not the compulsory phrase, beware, we might get ISAed (Isai Sumaap Atangkap). New materials are needed.

In Christianity, human words are irrelevant when we are praising God. That is why the Bible is not restricted only to one language (which is Hebrew). So, it doesn't really matters weather we are ban or not from using 'Allah'. As long as they don't ban Christianity itself.

Just that we want to tell those peoples responsible that don't press us too much for we'll defend our faith.

One more thing, this case is still not yet resolve in court. So, this gazetted letters from the Home Ministry can be seen as acting in contempt of court.

Oh, I almost forgot, FOR CHRISTIANITY. Hehe..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Utusan done it again. No wonder people call it Utusan Meloya, Penyebar Fitnah Rakyat.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bintulu..hard one...


Firstly, my sincere condolence towards the family of Batang Ai assemblyman.

That means another by-election will be held. This time it will be in the land of the hornbill. Who will be chosen by the people of Batang Ai? BN, PKR or maybe Independent?

Anwar recently (21 Feb) have begun his first step in trying to capture Batang Ai. He gave an open speech in Bintulu. It was estimated about 4,000 people attended the speech. You can listen to his speech here.

I've listen to his speech. To be fair, it's a bit too 'peninsularize'. I just wonder how it will woo the voter in Bintulu to switch from BN to PKR. He didn't touch much about Bintulu but more to what is happening in Perak and Selangor.

Honestly, East Malaysian (Sabah, Sarawak) doesn't really care about all that. What we need is development and retrieving our rights back. We have our own issues and we just can't be bother by Ketuanan, Sultan, Racism, Cows, Babi, Karpal, Altantuya or any of those penisular stuff.

And Sarawakian is known to have a strong sentiment towards the idea of outsider trying to control their state. Just recently, I had a chat with my Sarawakian friend; even though he dislike BN, he's also not into the idea of outsider party (UMNO, PKR) trying to gain control on Sarawak.

Sabahan already gone through with this 'ruling by an outsider party' decade and it sucks. I just hope Sarawak won't repeat the same mistake we had. Even though some might say PKR is different from BN, yet when it comes to politic, trust no one. (And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I dislike Anwar.)

Bintulu is different from the two Bukit by-election. PKR will have a hard battle.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bye-bye Proton Perdana...

Kota Kinabalu: All 12 Sabah Ministers will be using imported Volvos for official use while senior government officers will continue to use the Proton Perdana, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said, Wednesday.DE
Hm? Why?
On their cost, he said there was not much difference and the Government hoped to save on maintenance cost as that for Proton Perdana was higher.DE
Oh..maintenance cost. I really wondered, why does proton maintenance cost seems to be so 'high'? What does Proton have to say about this?
PETALING JAYA: Proton has hotly denied claims that the cost of maintaining its Perdana model is high and reiterated that the fee charged is reasonable.

In a statement here yesterday, Proton said the maintenance cost depended largely on regular servicing at authorized service centers every three months or every 5,000km or as recommended by the manufacturer. It said the mileage per year and the driver’s driving habits would also determine the maintenance cost.TS

So, Proton denied it. Anyway, what model will Sabah Ministers use?
On another development, Musa who is also the Minister of Finance said only state ministers and assistant ministers had switched to using black Volvo 2.5 as official cars from the Proton Perdana V6 Executive, previously.NST
2.5? Ok, since no others details were given, these are the most likely Volvo car that will be used.


What about the price?
He said the Volvo cars were purchased by Angkatan Hebat, which is a subsidiary of the state government and the sole agent for Volvo in Sabah. The vehicles are leased to the state government and he hopes it will save maintenance cost.NST
Oh, it was leased. So Sabah government didn't bought those car. Ok, who is this Angkatan Hebat? Read this.

Angkatan Hebat Full Company Profile

So, basically, the money is just being circled around. It is the same as buying those Volvo car. 70% goes back to Sabah state government and 30% went to.....

You figure it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Take it and suffer later on' or 'Suffer now'...

He urged the people in Sabah's east coast to accept the reality that a new power plant was necessary for the area, as it would not only benefit the industries but could also improve their economy with the creation of more jobs and business opportunities.DE
Is this a threat? It's like saying if you don't accept the coal-powered plant to be build here, you'll have lesser jobs and business opportunities. Holding Sabahan a ransom? Shame on you SESB and also to you, Sabah state government.

Everyone knows that coal is cheap, yet also polluting our environment. And speaking of cheap, isn't these coal will be imported from Indonesia? Would it still be cheap?

But really, do we actually have a choice? What about gas? Oh, it is already schedule to be pipe to Bintulu!

Since they broke their promises to scrap the Kimanis-Bintulu gas pipeline project, I wouldn't be surprised if this 'coal-powered plant' plan suddenly made available.

At the end, they left Sabahan with only two available option, take it and suffer later on or suffer now. No matter which one we choose, we'll still suffer. Damn!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sabahans, losers...sigh..

Labelling such politicians as people who did not succeed in their attempt to get what they wanted, Musa, who is also the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, said if the Sabah people followed the principles of such leaders, they would only end up at the losing end.DE
Sabahan already at the losing end. We lose our resources (timber, oil and gas), we lose our land (Tingkayu is not the first to happen in Kunak), we lose our right as indigenous people of Sabah to the 'new Malay' aka Illegal Immigrants. I wonder which leaders is our CM is refering to. He might be looking at a mirror while saying such remark.

"These political leaders always get angry and criticise the Federal Government although Sabah has already been given a RM20 billion allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK-9). If the Federal Government gives RM20 billion, how can we be angry?DE
When was this allocation given? When did Sabah become the last (almost) in all aspects compare to other states in Malaysia? And this RM20 billion allocation, have anything started yet? Let say, SDC? How about solving the citizenship problems in Sabah? NONE!

And saying we should not be angry after nothing have been done? Just because we are given the largest sum of fund, it doesn't meant a thing if it stay as an 'allocation'. Spent it wisely for the benefit of Sabahan. Oh, I forgot about the corruptness of our leader!!

And this is not the first time Sabah gets a hand on huge allocation. Yet we are still losers!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Warga Sabah dianiayai Polis di KL.



Seperti yang diceritakan kepada Julie Jidwin pada 26/1/2009 dan 28/1/2009.


Tel: 013-6763092 atau 013-3261971

Alamat rumah: D-00-06 Blok D Jalan Batu Nilam, 15 Bandar
Bukit Tinggi, 42000 pelabuhan Klang.
Pekerjaan: Pekerja Teknikal
Kampung asal: Kg. Bangkahak, Kota Belud, Sabah.


Keluarga saya sedang mengadakan makan-makan sebab beberapa orang kawan akan pulang bercuti ke Sabah

Sekitar jam 6 petang, mereka terdengar bunyi yang mencurigakan di halaman flat. Kawan-kawan saya ada di luar sebab ada yg bersedia balik ke rumah

Sebuah Van warna perak(silver) bertingkap cermin gelap datang dan ada 7 orang lelaki berpakaian biasa keluar, mereka memakai T'shirt dan jeans.

Ada beberapa orang kawan sedang berdiri di luar rumah ketika itu. Saya terdengar bunyi kecoh di tepi jalan di luar bangunan flat dan keluar dari rumah, mendapati keadaan kecoh sebab dengan kehadiran beberapa orang berpakaian biasa.

Saya berasa curiga pada mulanya. Menurut kawan-kawan, sebaik sahaja orang-orang (polis) itu datang, mereka terus membuat pemeriksaan dengan kasar, termasuk perbuatan menendang dan menampar tanpa memperlihatkan kad pengenalan polis mereka terlebih dahulu.

Apabila saya sampai ke tempat kejadian, keadaan masih kecoh dan saya dipanggil dan berjumpa secara baik dengan seorang anggota yg mencurigakan itu, lalu dia tunjukkan kad pengenalan polis beliau, Inspektor Hadi, lalu inspektor tersebut menyuruh saya supaya menyuruh orang-orang yang membuat kecoh itu supaya tidak buat kecoh.

Dalam situasi itu, saya langsung tidak menyentuh polis tersebut, kami hanya bercakap secara baik. Selepas keadaan reda, semua kami dan kawan2 masuk semula ke dalam rumah dan meneruskan
makan-makan kami, ada juga yg terus balik ke rumah masing-masing.

Saya difahamkan bahawa ada antara kawan2 yang enggan memberi kerjasama sebab curiga dengan cara anggota-anggota polis ini mendatangi mereka.

Dalam jam 8 malam lebih, polis datang balik dengan membawa rotan dan lain-lain alat memukul. Pada masa itu, isteri saya sedang menjemur kain di luar rumah. Isteri saya ternampak polis tersebut lalu memanggil saya.
Saya pun keluar dari dalam rumah dan bertanya pada polis tersebut dengan secara baik, "Encik, ada apa

Tanpa kata-kata, tiba-tiba polis itu tunjuk saya dan terus menggari saya, lalu memukul saya. Banyak yang menyaksikan saya di pukul masa itu. Kawan-kawan saya terdengar bunyi kecoh dan keluar. Sebaik saja keluar, kawan-kawan saya juga di pukul polis.

Seorang kawan, bernama Eddy @ Gusting bin Sully (K/P 730802-12-5425), di pukul dengan teruk hingga berdarah-darah. Kawan yang lain ternampak dan tidak sampai hati melihat dia dipukul tanpa sebab, lalu cuba mententeramkan keadaan dengan menyabarkan mereka, tetapi sebaliknya di tangkap polis dan di bawa ke lobi Bukit Tinggi.

Kami di belasah dengan teruk semasa keluar dari van di lobi Bukit Tinggi. Kami kemudian di soal siasat.> Semasa soal-siasat, saya bertanya kepada polis (Inspektor Hadi), "Kenapa saya di tangkap sedangkan masa kejadian petang tadi, kamu suruh saya kasi tau diorang supaya jangan kecoh-kecoh".

Inspektor Hadi menjawab saya, "Kamu diamlah, kau saya tau lah".

Selepas di tahan lebih kurang 2 jam di lobi Bukit Tinggi, kami di bawa ke Balai Polis Klang.

22/12/2008 Balai Polis Klang (ditahan 8 hari)

Kami di soal siasat lagi di Balai Polis Klang, kami di tanya siapa yang pukul dan tampar polis. Saya menjawab, saya tidak tahu, saya tidak pukul polis, saya cuma disuruh(oleh inspektor Hadi) memberitahu supaya diorang (kawan-kawan) jangan buat kecoh. Itu sahaja.


Kami naik mahkamah Klang dan diberi reman selama 4 hari.

dalam mahkamah, kami tidak diberi peluang bercakap banyak. Dalam sepanjang penahanan kami, kami ada di bawa ke mahkamah sebanyak 3 kali tetapi kami tidak dipanggil / tidak disebut dalam mahkamah.

Pada masa itu, tempoh reman 4 hari kami sudah tamat. (dikira dari 21/12, sudah tamat pada 24/12/2008)
Kami di tahan selama 8 hari di Balai Polis Klang. Semasa dalam perbicaraan mahkamah, polis meminta 4 hari
reman tetapi ditolak oleh hakim dan hanya diberi 2 hari sambung reman. Oleh itu, reman di sambung 2 hari lagi.

28 Dec 2008 (Balai Polis Klang ke Balai Polis Port Klang).

Pada 28 kami di soal siasat sekali lagi. Selepas itu, kami di bawa ke Balai Polis Port Klang.

29 Dec 2008 Balai Polis Port Klang Kami di tahan 3 hari di Balai Polis Port Klang.

30th Dec, 2008 Kami di beritahu bahawa kami akan masuk mahkamah esok dan akan di dakwa.

31st Dec 2008: Kami masuk mahkamah. Hakim tidak datang, yang ada Cuma DBP (Polis 3 paku).

Beliau(DBP) menyebut kes kami, kami disabitkan kesalahan Seksyen 353 dan 427. Kami boleh diikat jamin sebanyak RM8,000 dengan syarat 2 orang penjamin: seorang Sabahan dan seorang orang Semenanjung.

Isteri dan kawan-kawan hadir tetapi Cuma ada RM3000-4000, oleh yang demikian tidak cukup untuk menjamin. Oleh yang demikian, petang itu kami di bawa ke penjara Sungai Buluh.

Di sini, saya di tahan dari 31/12/2008 hingga 21/1/2009, selepas wang jaminan sebanyak RM8,000 dibayar oleh isteri saya, wang atas ikhsan semua ahli keluarga kami.

Kes saya akan disebut semula pada 12 Februari 2009. Pada masa ini, akibat dari penahanan saya, saya mengalami banyak kerugian:

1) saya kehilangan pekerjaan sebab di tahan lebih dari sebulan; saya ada 1 anak berumur 7 tahun.
2) anak saya gagal mendaftar sekolah sebab ketiadaan saya. Isteri saya terpaksa menghantar anak saya balik ke Sabah bersama kakak dia supaya mungkin boleh bersekolah di Sabah.
3) saya menderita kesakitan bahagian telinga kiri, akibat di tumbuk dan ditampar oleh polis – sewaktu turun dari van di lobi Bukit Tinggi.

Dengan ini saya memohon pembelaan yang adil terhadap saya dan kawan-kawan yang tidak melakukan apa-apa kesalahan.


Laporan: Muksin bin Sentem (dari Kota Belud), K/P 741003-12-5625 Tel: 019-2036 591

Kejadian berlaku di rumah saudara Edward bin Sindam.


8 malam lebih: Polis datang tangkap Edward & Eddy. Semasa saya keluar, saya lihat Eddy di pukul dengan teruk hingga hidung berdarah. Kami semua jadi panik, sebab Eddy kelihatan sudah mahu pengsan kena pukul. Saya tengking polis tu: "apasal ni bawa kayu, apasal samseng nih, kalau polis nak tangkap orang pun apasal mau pukul teruk macam nih".

Saya tolak polis untuk mengelakkan Eddy dari dipukul lebih teruk sebab dia kelihatan macam mau pengsan
sudah. Saya digari dan turut di pukul selepas itu.

Dalam pertuduhan terhadap saya, saya di tuduh menampar polis. Pihak polis menukar cerita dan menuduh saya menampar. Saya tahu saya tidak menampar polis, saya cuma tolak polis supaya Eddy tidak di cederakan dengan lebih teruk.

Pada masa ini, masih ada 2 orang dalam tahanan sebab tidak mampu membayar wang jaminan, iaitu: Alfred (dari Kota Marudu) dan Dapit (Nabawan).


Kes ini akan di dengar di mahkamah Klang pada 12/2/2009; Ragu-ragu yang defendan (Edward /Muksin / Alfred / Dapit), akan diberi ruang untuk membela diri; Muksin meminta bantuan mencari peguam; Memohon bantuan MSM untuk memantau supaya mereka dapat dihakimi dengan adil, sebab terdapat unsur-unsur diskriminasi dan salah guna kuasa.

NOTA: telah menghubungi Edward dan beliau mengesahkan kes berkenaan ada benar dan kini mula didengar di Mahkamah dan mereka tidak mengaku salah. Mereka meminta bantuan Tan Sri Bernard Dompok dan sedang dalam pemerhatian beliau.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unfair to Sabahan, not the other way around!


As a Sabahan, this really piss me off.

Tawau: Education Minister Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein described as "unfair", the policy practiced by schools here not to accept into Form One, students who have their citizenship status in their temporary identification document stated as "undetermined". DE
Just for the sake of his political carrier he made these remarks. What does he know about Sabahan citizenship problems? Can't he see the root of this so called 'undetermined citizenship status' children problem? Why on earth does these children status became undetermined in the first place?

If it is because of late registration by their parents after birth, why does it takes them 13 years ? (general age for form 1 student is 13 years old) How come they didn't register their kids earlier? 13 years should be more than enough time for them to do it.

Why? Because these are Illegal Immigrants kids!

"As the Education Minister I wish to state that it is not a policy I approve of. If it really exists we will change it today itself," he said, while visiting SK Balung.
It is not just a policy but it involves the constitution of Malaysia. If one of the parent is not of Malaysian citizenship, he/she must apply for it.

He said such a policy, "if it is a policy", was not fair considering the process in getting an Identity Card from the NRD "would take some time".
Like I said earlier, 13 years to to process? That is just absurd!

"The delay on the part of departments and ministries should not be a reason for them not to be accepted into school," he stressed.
Tell the NRD to speed up then. It's their problem. Why skip the legal process? And these are Illegal Immigrants we are talking about. How on earth did they manage to register with the NRD in the first place. 'Projek I.C' again?

I'm not saying that these kids doesn't deserve to gain knowledge but the main problem is why does these kids exists in the first place? Just solve Sabah's Illegal Immigrants issues and this 'unfairness' will end. No need to change any policies on education in Sabah.

Don't mix it with your political gain!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 in a row..that's odd..


I don't know why but somehow Sabah seems to be a hot destination for the federal government ministers. And it is still early in 2009. It's just seems odd to me.

1st, Khairy. (ok, he is not a federal cabinet minister) "Sabah politic unique"
"Labuan: National Umno Youth Vice President Khairy Jamaludin said Sabah's hardly racial politics impressed him and wished it could be replicated in the peninsula.

Speaking at a function organised by Umno Youth after winding up a marathon 18-day mostly road trip deep into Sabah's interior to meet Umno divisions, Khairy said.......

"Given the history or political twists in Sabah, the young in Sabah are politically aware and articulate."........"

I'm one of those young Sabahan, and I'm aware that Umno/BN is just bad news.

2nd, Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, "RTM to air more programmes from Sabah, Sarawak"

"Sandakan: Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) will air more drama series from Sabah and Sarawak to help promote interesting places in the two states, said Information Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek... "
"Ahmad Shabery said the "breakaway news" concept would be launched in Kota Kinabalu today (Monday) and enable those in the two states to learn more about what was happening in their respective states via a full 30-minute news."

More drama? If I'm not mistaken, there has been a proposal of doing a program specifically for Sabah a couple of years back. I can't find the related news but the proposal exists. And RTM actually turn it down saying it will unbalance Malaysia's racial harmony. But now they're on with the idea..haha..

And about the breakaway news, judging from how bias the mainstream news report towards anything that against the federal government, it will be nothing more than a propaganda tool for them to 'cheat' Sabahan and Sarawakian.

3rd, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar,
The news about him are here, here and here. There are still a couple of his recent news in Sabah but...I just don't feel like linking all of them. Just google his name and you will find a lot of blogs that are bashing him. Why? If you don't know (as a Malaysian), you might have been living in a cave or some remote island. (sorry..hehe)

4th, Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussien,
-To read his legal 'bribe' tactic on Sabahan, read here.
-To read his contradicting statement on defectors @ frog on Sabahan, read here.
-To read him admitting his failure as Education Minister towards Sabahan, read here.
-To read him making another promise for Sabahan, read here.

There you go, 4 odd numbers that came to Sabah.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sabahan getting 'less poor'..?


KOTA KINABALU, Feb 10 — There are 16,403 hardcore poor households in Sabah currently, from 21,514 in 2007, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said today. more

Really? But what I see is quite different or should I say pretty much the same as 'usual'. Who are these hardcore poor peoples. Are the squatters included which are mostly Illegal Immigrants?

Or is this some kind of hint that a by-election is coming in 'you know where'.

Musa also said that the Rural and Regional Development Ministry had allocated RM100 million for the building of 2,486 units of houses in Sabah this year.

The state government was also allocated RM 23.2 million for implementation of programmes to provide a better livelihood for the people, which included career development training, nutritional and supplementary food programme, he added. — Bernama. news

Another huge allocation. This isn't the first time. But what have been done that really stands out and beneficial to Sabahan in general? And, I'm not talking about shopping complex or mall (like 1Borneo) but resources development.

Seems like this is just another statistic and numbers that will be used as bait in political campaign. Sigh..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello, we're not that Dumb..!


Lajim: "If you ask me, I feel it is a democratic practice. Those who jump do not do it for personal gain, they do it for the interest of the people...." DE's for the interest of the people. Who are you fooling? Democratic practice? How on earth can it be democratic when one cheat the peoples that was supporting him/her by jumping party? Declare these frogs assets then.

Lajim: "...When I jumped to Umno it helped the BN form the government, and the result was Sabah was given UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah),"DE
Oh, that was the reason Sabah was given UMS. So, if it wasn't for you, there would be no University for Sabah la.. So this UMS was build base on political motive and not to improve Sabahan education industries. No wonder most school in Sabah are still poor in term of infrastructure. And most of UMS students are not Sabahan either since Sabahan lack the necessary education needed to qualify due to poor school development and environment.

Lajim mentioned other benefits which the people of Sabah enjoyed when BN took over Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) in 1994, such as the asphalt road which now links Beaufort to Sipitang. DE
Yeah, right, and why does my place still use gravel road? And what is the condition of the roads in Sabah? And not forgetting the Illegal Immigrants that are swarming Sabah. Oh, and SDC. Where is it?

Like always, sweet talking...just that.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Silver state, Anarchy!!


In my previous post, I mentioned that something might happen and that something might be unpleasant to watch..well, something did happen in Perak, something that never happen before in Perak (at least to my knowledge la..).

When Sabah went through this same situation, we didn't made the same reaction though. Well, Sabahan were alone (as opposition) during that time. I can't say the same for Perak.

But, do I hope that Sabahan had also made the same reaction when we were betrayed last time? No.

What if the situation was the same as Perak now?
I'd still say No.

Sacrificing Sabah peace and harmony living just for the sake of ones own politic? It's not worth it. That is just pure fanaticism.

Unless, it involves life and death. That would be a different story.

The Silver state Drama..


Perak is indeed in turmoil right now. I can understand how the Perakian feel right now since me as a Sabahan have also felt the same betrayal. Ironically, Sabahan betrayal was orchestrated by non-other than Anwar himself (and others of course).

Deep inside me, I felt a bit happy since Anwar was played down by his own game of frog (Yes, as a Sabahan, I dislike Anwar).Yet at the same time I also feel sad for the Perakian especially those who have voted the 4 frogs. Why is it had to be like this?

Is Najib so desperate? I guess so since he have faced 3 defeat until now. First was the 12th GE result in March, 2nd was BN defeat in Permatang Pauh by-election and 3rd was also BN defeat in Kuala Terengganu by-election.

There are also rumors that Sarawak might fall to PR in her next State General Election. Maybe that is why Najib seems to rush this ‘power grabbing’ scheme of his on Perak. He is also going to be sworn in as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia, so he can’t possibly sit on the PM throne with 3-0 defeat in his track record.

Or it maybe a 4-0 defeat… who knows since the Perak Drama haven’t draw its curtain yet. As they said, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perak vs Sabah, any difference?


Perak is now BN again.

The drama was so intense, it cause a huge traffic flow in 2 of Malaysia most popular (and also most reliable and unbias) news portal. Malaysiakini and MalaysianInsider. Everyone wants to know how this political drama will unfold. Well, the result is already there but will it stay as it is? It's all in the Sultan of Perak deccision now.

This drama reminds me of how Sabah was wrestle back from PBS (by BN) back in 1995. The drama in Perak was somewhat similar in many ways. But the difference it makes is huge.

-When Sabah was still an opposition, we were alone, ok, there was PAS in Kelantan but still, we were alone.
-When Perak was an opposition, they were not alone. 5 states have choose the opposition and dump BN.
-When Sabah defect (or should I say betray the people), it didn't made any impact to our nation political scene. BN was already strong to begin with. So, Sabah turning to BN state were merely seen as 'tambah koleksi' by Malaysian as a whole.
-Perak? It will cause quite an impact since they were not alone in being an opposition state. Something might happen. That something might not be so pleasant to watch.
-When Sabah turn BN, lots of Malaysian cheering.
-When Perak turn BN (again), lots of Malaysian querying.
-When Sabah tried to propose for a fresh state election, it was rejected.
-When Perak tried to propose for a fresh state election, they just announced it. Weather it will happen or not, it's yet to be decided.
-When Sabah turn BN, the news was buzzing..for a while.
-When Perak turn BN again, the news was buzzing and updated every hours.

Will this drama have any impact on Sabah political scene? That's another topic..
One thing for sure, it a shame that those four decided to become a fool (or frog).