Monday, October 26, 2009

PKR oh PKR..


Maybe the suitable title is 'Anwar oh Anwar' since he seems to be holding some sort of 'absolute power' in making a decision for PKR as a whole.

Now, he exercised his veto power in choosing Sabah's PKR chief. Story, and

The new PKR chief of Sabah is Thamrin Zaini. Who is this guy anyway?

Well, I've mentioned it before, I don't trust Anwar Ibrahim. He is famous (read, notorious) for his role in legalizing illegal immigrants by granting them Identification Card during his UMNO days under Tun Dr. Mahathir. If he is really a changed man now, why doesn't he reveal the details of the 'Projek I.C' scandal?

Now, he is making mistake after another in his effort to 'wrestle' Sabah and Sarawak from BN-UMNO during the next general election.

I can see now why SAPP rejected PR invitation to join them. Sabah's PKR is slowly crumbling from the inside. But SAPP decision comes with a risk. They will split Sabah's vote should Sabah's PKR manage to keep a hold on their crumbling party until the next general election. It will be BN-UMNO vs PR vs SAPP. If this scenario happens, PR and SAPP would be in a huge disadvantage.

Surprisingly (maybe not), BN-UMNO in Sabah is deafeningly quite. Just a few whisper here and there yet overall they are shutting their lips tight. Maybe they are enjoying the drama, snacking popcorn with a coke while sitting comfortably on their luxurious couch. Or maybe they have to keep quiet since no orders were given by their big boss back in the federal government. Typical of a 'yes man'.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Next year, 16 September is a public holiday in Malaysia.


At last, after 46 years, 16 September would be a public holiday starting next year. Or is it? Well, our PM might have just announced it today but I'm not convinced yet until it really happen next year. Who knows, everything is possible nowadays.

To tell the truth, I see this announcement more of a politically motivated move to gain the support from us Sabahan and Sarawakian.

But let's pretend that it is not politically motivated and take it as it is.

Then, what about the history fact behind this date? Would the people of Malaysia know anything about it? Or is it only the people of Sabah and Sarawak?

IF the facts about this historical date remain untold to all Malaysian, IF the facts about this historical date remain distorted, IF....there are a lot of IF... Then, this date would be nothing more than just another holiday.

Well, let us see next year. I hope it would not be another meaningless celebration like last years.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why Indonesia hate Malaysia?


This is actually an old issue but brought back to the spot light due to some error in a documentary by Discovery Channel.

But, was this the main cause for Indonesian to 'attack' us? I meant literally attack us. It was in the news just now that they want to wage war against us. They went burning Malaysian flags and ironically, Padang in Indonesia just went through a devastating disaster.

If they do attack us or wage war against Malaysia, this would be the most ridiculous war in modern history.

And then the 'maid abuse' issues, detention center issues, and other immigration related issues. But these happen in other country too. Even in America. Why not attack them too?

I tried searching the web to understand the cause of this hatred. It seems the one that Indonesians are mad at are actually their own brothers and sisters. And I come to this conclusion.
Indonesia hate us (Malaysia) because we Malaysian are seen as arrogant, obnoxious and discriminating them. We Malaysian are thought to treat Indonesian as inferior. To add insult to the injury, most of these Malaysian actually originated from Indonesia.
The question is, is it true?
Well, from the way I see, hear and talk with the people around me, I have to say Yes. Not entirely but generally, we Malaysian do look down at Indonesian. We may like their music, movies, yet we have these stereotypes and prejudice towards them.

The problem is, not all Malaysian are like that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Malaysia: Patriotism or Nationalism?


Today is the Independence Day of Malaya. As I'm sitting here writing this post, I can hear a lot of fireworks sound blasting in the sky. Quite a noisy night.

One thing for sure, our government STILL propagating a very misleading information regarding today's Independence Day. It is NOT the Independence Day for Malaysia. There is no such thing as Independence Day of Malaysia.

Malaysia was formed in 16 September, 1963. I've blog about it last year.

Now, as the title says, Patriotism or Nationalism? What are these two words mean anyway?
  1. Do you feel proud of your country achievements and also recognize its shortcoming yet still love your country? If you answered Yes, that's Patriotism.
  2. Do you love your country no matter what and put its interest above other country or nation? If you answered Yes, that's Nationalism.
  3. Do you show your love for your country by doing something to make it better? If you answered Yes, that's Patriotism.
  4. Do you show your love for your country by talking (only) about its achievement? If you answered Yes, that's Nationalism.
  5. Do you feel proud of your National Flag and has goosebumps when seeing it raised along with your National Anthem? If you answered Yes, that's Patriotism.
  6. Do you feel proud waving your National Flag or sticking it on your car during Independence Day? If you answered Yes, that's Nationalism.
Now here is the problem. Malaysian tend to confuse our self when it comes to loving our country. We talk about Patriotism but our action portray Nationalism. Nationalism towards West Malaysia.

How? By distorting history facts on this Merdeka Celebration. It's Malaya not Malaysia Independence Day. What sadden me is, the younger generations are fed with this distorted facts each years. A lot of them even thought Sabah and Sarawak got her independence through the forming of Malaysia which was NOT.

We talk about how great Malaysia has been since achieving independence yet we fail to see it was Malaya achievement not Malaysia.

No, we are not pointing fingers or blaming others for our shortcoming yet it's a reality it never was a Malaysia, just Malaya.

I love Malaysia. But the problem is, we were never considered as Malaysian.

..................Except during Election Day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

H1N1: It's getting out of Malaysia


It was May 15th that Malaysia got her first H1N1 case. 4 month have pass since then yet the death rate in Malaysia is 4 times the global fatality rate?

Why does other countries such as India have lesser fatality cases (24 deaths) compared to Malaysia? Something must have gone terribly wrong.

From what I've observed for the past months,
  1. Schools were still opened even though there are cases of H1N1 infected students reported.
  2. People still went for the movies. Transformers, Ice Age 3, Harry Potter, G.I Joe to name a few.
  3. One can see only a few wear the surgical mask when shopping, commuting or traveling. Airports included.
  4. Misleading info not long ago about how H1N1 spread due to 'name conflict'.
Now, as a citizen, the only thing we can do are to stay healthy and practice good hygiene. Forget the Mega Sell Carnival 2009.

And for all of the politicians out there, please don't politicize this pandemic.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

PAS president stupid, obnoxious, racist and arrogant remarks..


I'm so disturbed by this remarks which was quoted from non-other that PAS president himself, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

I'm not Sarawakian but as a Sabahan and as a people of Borneo, the remarks really irritate me to the point that.........just.....damn!!

I've wrote about how west Malaysian stereotyped us east Malaysian and this is an example of such stereotype with the highest order of chauvinist like mentality. And this actually came from a party that are said to champion the people rights?!!

What was the remark?
Hadi was reported as saying: “Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS.
[or in English]
(In all previous by-elections, the results favoured us. Only in Batang Ai we lost because they did not know how to vote, still wearing loincloths. I am not trying to insult but in those places where people dressed nicely, they voted for PAS.)”TBP
By the time I wrote this post, there are still no sign or news of Hadi apologizing or retracting his remark.

If this is the kind of mentality they have in their narrow mind regarding East Malaysian, they are no different than those Umno/BN goons who think of us only as a fix deposit or an example of 1Malaysia nation.

PAS, another racist party. In fact, all of West Malaysian parties are racist. That's how East Malaysian sees it. Hadi's remark just confirms it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

After the 100th day...


It's old news even though it happen just a week ago. Our PM have dishes out 11 goodies for us right before the Manek Urai by-election. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Now people are more interested in an 'accident' that took place at the MACC building. It's a sad incident indeed. But that's another topic.

How about the 11 'goodies'?

1. a 20% discount for motorists who pay toll 80 times a month via Smart Tag or Touch ’n Go from Sept 1.
I don't see this as feasible. 80 times a month? Only via Smart Tag or Touch 'n Go? Only a bunch of the whole highway users will benefit from this and most likely these 'bunch' are a wealthy bunch. And this measure is actually aimed at the low income motorist? How many of these low income motorists actually use the highway 80 times a month? So impractical I would say.

2. some 44,000 low-cost houses in Kuala Lumpur to be sold to existing tenants.
How about the loan procedures, the interest rate, eligibility..?

3. a 50% discount on licences for petty traders in the Federal Territory.
Hmm..Ok, I have to give credit on this one.

4. a RM150mil allocation for entrepreneurs, and another RM15mil specifically for young Indian businessmen.
Sounds good...just wondering, where do they get the allocation from?

5. another 3,000 taxi permits to be approved soon.
3,000 more blood sucker in the making. No offense to taxi drivers but I'm yet to find a single taxi driver who are not a 'blood sucker'. I hope the recent increase on taxi fare would reduce their blood sucker-ness.

6. expediting birth registrations in Sabah and Sarawak.
Now this is serious. How will they differentiate illegal immigrants from Sabahan or Sarawakian? It happens before and this would be seen as an opportunity by these 'alien' to become citizen. I smell another population boom in Sabah. Damn!

7. clearing the backlog of citizenship applications.
This also bears the same problem as point 6. And isn't Sabah and Sarawak state government has full authority on its state NRD? How come the federal government can say 'clear the backlog of your citizenship applications'? Double Damn!!

8. improving access to basic utilities in rural areas.
This also focused on Sabah and Sarawak. And the sad part is, this was already promised way back after they took (read 'stole') Sabah in 1994. What with this re-promised promise? Triple Damn!!!

9. reducing the cost to obtain a B2 motorcycle licence (under 250cc).
More Mat Rempit in the making.

10. setting up a new trust fund, Amanah Saham 1Malaysia, for investors aged above 18.
Where will the money be invested? Will there be any race quota since it's called Amanah Saham 1Malaysia? Who are eligible to invest in this fund, the rich, the poor? I see a long queue up ahead..

11. various measures to be announced soon to curb crime and corruption.
Ironically, the MACC incident happens. Crime and corruption complete in one package. And it's a big one too.

Populist? I wonder what's installed in the next 100th day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No more PPSMI or Teaching Science and Mathematics in English


First thing comes to my mind after knowing this decision was "Is it politically motivated?". And unsurprisingly, that was also the first thing they denied in scraping this policies. Which only fuel my doubt on weather this was politically motivated or not.

This issue have been long discussed, debated, questioned and to some extent, condemned by different walks of people in Malaysia.

It all comes down to one word. Politic.

Who will suffer from this? The pupils, students, teachers and our future.
Who will benefit from this? The politicians and chauvinist nationalist.

Was PPSMI a failure?

He however denied that the PPSMI policy had failed.

"I wouldn't say it was a complete failure, but it did not achieve what it was supposed to achieve," he said.M.I

A 'maybe' answer. And this answer actually came from our DPM.

So, was the previous policy a success? I meant before PPSMI was implemented. If it was successful, why did they made PPSMI policy? So, the policy before PPSMI wasn't successful either. Then, why are they taking a step backward?

Politicians really screwed our education system. And they actually realized it since they sent their children to international school or private school.


*You can read the data about this policy here during its 6 years implementation.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Swine flu (selsema babi) or H1N1?

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 (Bernama) -- Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim today suggested that all media return to using the terminology "swine flu" instead of Influenza A(H1N1). Bernama
What with this name change? The whole world is using H1N1 as a reference to this flu. Why change it?
He said this was to ensure that the people realized the danger of the disease and to get the message across to them more accurately.

It is also easier for (radio and television) announcers to state "selsema babi" (swine flu) than H1N1 in Bahasa Melayu, he told reporters after an official visit to Pos Malaysia, here.
What? If these announcers can't even pronounce such easy word, how on earth did they manage to become an announcer in the first place? Sounds more like an insult rather than helping them.

And what did our health minister have to say about this terminology?
PUTRAJAYA, June 26 (Bernama) -- The Health Ministry is sticking to the term Influenza A (H1N1) based on three reasons, namely the virus that causes the spread of the disease is a mixture of three aspects -- human beings, avian and swine -- as identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO), said its Director-General Tan Sri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican. bernama
The answer by 'Dr'. Rais Yatim?
"We in the ministry will continue to use the easy-to-understand term. We will use the A(H1N1) terminology but for subsequent mentions, we will proceed with the term swine flu," he told reporters after the launching of the "1Malaysia" logo by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak here. bernama
Kinda ironic since he said this in the launching of 1Malaysia logo.

Or is this just some subtle way to give all the pork eaters/breeders some hint that one day, they'll ban pig? I'm just speculating.

Why do I reach to such speculation?

1. 'Selsema babi' or swine flu doesn't really define this flu accurately since it can be transmitted from human to human not from pig to human only. Maybe someone might say, "What about 'selsema burung' or bird flu?" Bird flu was named bird flu because the flu transmitted from bird to human only.

2. We've been using the term H1N1 even before this flu became a pandemic. So saying that this term will spread the massage across is just nonsense. The whole world is using the term H1N1. It will only cause confusion.

3. This statement was made by a politician who is not even involved in any medication related field. Judging from the political scene in Malaysia nowadays, everything will be politicized.

4. So, if they can't give the correct impression about this flu, how can they control it from spreading? I've already heard some people talking about avoiding pig to avoid catching this flu. (All thanks to the term 'selsema babi')

5. And some already voice irrational idea such as eliminating all of the pig in Malaysia. Don't believe me? Try surfing the web. You'll be surprised. And most of them are Malaysian.

They should just focus on treating and controlling this pandemic. Changing the name isn't helping much.

Why blame the pig? Or is it 'Why blame the pork eater?'

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No news worth mentioning?


Lately, all of the front page issues have been revolving only around West Malaysia. And all of it were political issues. Ironically, we Sabahan couldn't care less or should I say we can't really relate with these issues.

The Chin Peng issue, the 'unity government' issue, Manek Urai by-election, Nizar stunt in the parliament etc.

Yet the issues that are relevant for the whole Malaysia were not being 'issued' as much as these more hype and politically beneficial issues.

Such as economy, human trafficking issue and being immune with it etc.

And they talk about 1Malaysia...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Malaysia, Sabah the best example? Don't talk sweet!!

Kota Kinabalu: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his maiden visit to Sabah as Prime Minister praised the State for displaying the best example of his "One Malaysia: People First, Performance Now" concept.DE
The best? Really? But that wasn't the case when we were still an opposition 15 years ago. What were the accusation by the federal government back then? Forgot already? Let us walk down the memory lane.

- Sabah is anti-West Malaysian.
- Sabah discriminate Muslims.
- Sabah pro-Christian.
- Sabah is a very hostile place.

These were during Sabah was still an opposition (PBS era). They said all these just so they can break our unity back then. It didn't work so they used an even dirtier tricks. Defection or better know as "Katak" and also 'Projek I.C' people. The result? Well, just look at Sabah now. The last in every aspect and it all happen during Umno reign.

And now, after their power depends solely on Sabah and Sarawak, they came back uttering sweet words.
Recalling his statement a few years ago that Sabah is like a "fixed deposit" in the BN, he quipped his visit was to check the value of the fixed deposit and believed the value would remain at a high level.DE
Oh..fixed deposit again? What, are we just some kind of bailout cash for them to stay in power?

Ok, before anyone says that it's the Sabahan own fault for not having the balls to make a change, let me give these 'anyone' a bit of history lesson.

Which state in Malaysia that have change more than 2 ruling party since the birth of Malaysia?
P.Pinang? Kedah? Perak? Kelantan? Terengganu? Selangor?

The answer is Sabah. We've tasted 5 different ruling party and we give them the boot every time they perform poorly. Unko/Upko, Usno, Berjaya, PBS and BN. Excepts for PBS where Umno/BN played dirty. So, don't call us as afraid of change, we already beat you guys to it way before you guys wanted change. ('you guys' refer to those ignorant opposition members from PR and Umno/BN)

People first, performance now? Sabah the best example for one Malaysia? These words doesn't mean anything to me. I believe most Sabahan also doesn't give a damn about it. What we want is the actual result.

Simply put, Walk The Talk. Don't just blah..blah..blah.. We Sabahan are not that gullible with these sweet praises. Or we'll give you the boot, again!

Friday, April 24, 2009

1602** : "We can't process your report, our system is down"..


You might wonder what does my title mean. Well, let me share this short story first which happen a couple of hour earlier before I post this entry..
There was supposed to be a gathering at the church I attended every Sunday. And to our surprised, the church was broken in by burglars. But thank God they didn't manage to take anything since they just finished gathering all of the goods and equipment and neatly laid near the main door. At that moment, we came and screw all their plan. They manage to escape though since they heard us coming up the stair. They calmly went down, pass us and then ran away. We only realized they were burglar when we saw the lock-peeled door. 7 locks to be exact. The church is a rented lot at the 2nd floor of a building.
Ok, long story short, we went to the nearest police station to lodge a report. When we came there, only two policemen was in the station (which was a premise usually used for commercial purpose like shops). They were eating KFC while watching Astro.

I went in and explain the situation. One of them then sat in front of a computer (the other kept on watching Astro) and began asking the details about the burglary. The moment I mentioned it was a church, I noticed his face expression changed a bit. He also looked surprised after realizing I was a Sabahan, has the word 'bin' in my Mykad yet a Christian and doesn't do the common job a Sabahan usually associated with in West Malaysia like factory workers, security guard etc. He also has this smirk on his face when I speak. Well, I don't change my accent even though I can. Maybe it's funny to him but it doesn't bother me really.

So, he spent about 20 minutes asking stuff and printed the report. To my surprised, it wasn't a report but he only issued us a complaint letter. And he actually asked us to take the letter to the main Police Station in Klang Town which was further away and lodge the report again there. When I asked why can't the report be done here, this was his replay,
"Oh, we can't process your report here, our system is down. Go there and show this letter. They will handle it from there."
I was like, what? Why didn't he tell us earlier that the system was down? But I took the letter, thank him and walk out. Questioning or complaining wouldn't get us anywhere.

At the end, we didn't made the report. We realized it was for nought. It's not like the burglars manage to steal anything anyway.

Well, I believe that God works in mysterious way. And I believe He also does in this incident. Just that we are yet to know what is His plan.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racism is growing in Sabah?


What? Is it true? Sabah are beginning to show more racist attitudes?

Ok, first of all, racism exist in all of us. The difference is the 'level' or 'how much'. I also sometime show racist attitude like stereotyping. It can be positive or negative but stereotyping is still a racist act.

As much as I want to deny it...but it's a fact that racism are beginning to show a stronger 'stinkin' smell in Sabah. Why do I say so?

1. Datuk Pairin ask that the 'lain-lain' in referring Sabahan to be change to 'Bumiputera Sabah'. You might say, "Hey, isn't that a good thing?". Yes, but it's based on Racism. It's true that this term acknowledge us the 'lain-lain' but it is still racism. And this seems like a West Malaysian vs East Malaysian kind of racism. Why not ask for 'warganegara' and 'bukan warganegara' instead and abolish all of the race column? I know..."Jangan cabar kami" would be the answer..

2. The younger generations are not as color blind as it used to be. Why? Do you remember how last year, Sabah UiTM students rally against the proposal for 10% quota for non-Bumiputera to enter UiTM? I was shocked to hear the news. Was it Sabah students or Peninsular students? It was Sabahan! Shame on these 'stupid' Sabahan UiTM student! No brain? Didn't they realized that they were just being used? or did they joined the demo just to skip class?'s an old case yet it shows how racism began to tarnish the younger Sabahan through education.

3. Religion conflict that involve Sabah & Sarawak. The word 'Allah' and the seizure of books and other Christian material. Some Sabahan actually support it! Ok, the number of people who support it are rather small, but it shows racism is using religion as its tool to penetrate Sabah.

4. Politic. Now this is the main culprit. I'm sure those who are aware of the political situation in Sabah know which party I'm refering to. They are the one that brought this race base politic into Sabah. They are the one who stir the ethnics demografic in Sabah by bringing in 'Melayu Baru' a.k.a 'I.C Projek'. And I bet these are the people that support the banning of 'Allah' word in Christian publication. In a nut Shell, 'UMNO'.

What can we do to prevent this? We can't do it by force, for we are peace-loving people. We can only prevent it by educating our younger generation and reminding ourself constantly what it meant to be a Sabahan. Living in a land without prejudice and color blind.

Not just Sabahan or Sarawakian but also our brothers and sisters in West Malaysia. Teach your young one what it meant to be a true Malaysian Malaysian and also to yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answering Sabahan stereotype by them [you]...


Stereotype. Everyone do it. When I was still a little kid, I thought that West Malaysian were very develop with tall buildings, big road, technology savvy etc. I thought that the community there were very united. Well, that was what they kept showing back then (until now) in the TV, textbooks, magazines and those patriotic songs. That was my stereotype towards them [you].

In a nut shell, I look highly on them [you].

But, these childhood image of mine slowly fade as I grow up. But, that is another topic. What I want to write about is their [your] stereotype about us Sabahan.

- Do you still live up a tree?
This was the most popular and ancient stereotype by them [you] and surprisingly, in this day of ages, I still get asked with this question. And I laugh every time.

- Do you hunt for food?
Well, duh..Yeah we sometime hunt for food. In the supermarket or Tamu. And we do go hunting for wild boar occasionally using sumpit. And no, sumpit doesn't exist in Sarawak only.

- Sabahan girls are 'slutty' and easy to 'get'.
What?! Where on earth did they [you] get this idea from? This piss me off. The answer is NO. It's a myth. This is due to the friendly nature of us Sabahan. And I'm not a girl so I know when it comes to flirting with Sabahan girls.

- Sabahan are full of corrupt people.
Now, how do you gauge the corruptness of people? Ok, this is a very well-known stereotype even among Sabahan ourself. So well-known it sounded like a real fact. But is it? How many are those who were caught were actually Sabahan? Any statistic? I've tried googling it and I can't find any. Even Lim Kit Siang say so but is it true or is it just for his political gain?

Ok, there were Sabahan ministers busted for corruption such as Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam (wonder if he's still a Tan Sri..) and also Datuk Osu Sukam for his infamous gambling debt. And recently, an Umno member Datuk Japli from my hometown Kota Belud was suspended (only) from Umno due to 'money politic'. But what about the 'others'?

It seems this stereotype is just another mean for them [you] to find a 'black sheep' to blame and hide their [your] own corruptness.

- Most Sabahan are illiterate meaning most of them are stupid. That's why they vote BN.
What? Hello, illiterate doesn't mean stupid, stupid [you]. We still know how to differentiate right from wrong. e.g: We don't do racist act. And political party is just political party. I don't give a damn which party as long as it help the rakyat. And I know BN is sucking Sabah but what does the opposition plan for Sabah if they win in Sabah. I mean, Anwar is a very well-known figure in Sabah since he was the one responsible in orchestrating the first ever huge defection in Malaysia thus paving way for Umno/BN along with its racist political agenda to enter Sabah. Beside, most of them [you] are more interested in dethroning Umno/BN rather than really helping us.

And I'm not supporting Umno/BN, PR or any West Malaysian base party. Why? The answer is in my previous post.

- Sabahan are poor people.
Poor? In what term? Material? Ok, most Sabahan are called poor not because we don't have any assets. We actually have our own land but due to the poor development in Sabah, these lands doesn't worth much and cannot show its true potential. And we use our land mostly for agriculture purpose. How much can you get? Not much but some of us are actually food sufficient. So yes, we are poor if cars, money in the bank, house and our outer appearance were to be used as a gauge. But in truth, we are not poor at all.

And the illegal immigrants who became legal also contribute to the statistic of poverty in Sabah. These people have nothing. They came poor, got a Mykad (backdoor method), and stay poor for a while, but long enough to be listed in the poverty list.

There are still a lot of stereotype about us but that's it for now. Oh, and some new stereotype about West Malaysian [you] by us Sabahan are emerging as well. What stereotype? Like I wrote earlier, that's another topic..

p/s: them and [you] only applies to the ignorant one..for those who are not, please don't get offended. If you do, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What? East Malaysian are Stupid you say?


The by-elections result was just as I thought it will be. BN=1, PKR=2. Now that has been done with, shall we proceed to the actual mandate given by the people, ensuring the well being of the rakyat?

I'm getting sick of this non-stop political bickering when we are already in a big economic crisis. Not to mention our degrading education standard, rampant corruption, and East Malaysia being sideline all this Malaysian years.

Speaking of East Malaysian, it really piss me off reading some of the comments in blogs and forums regarding the winning of BN in Batang Ai.

from LKS blog
monsterball Says:

Yes…These Malaysians are real dumb.
Win or loose actually does not make any differences right now…at Batang Ai..a small state seat.
It is Bukit Gantang…a parliament seat most important.
But by loosing…at Batang .Ai…it means PR need to work harder for 13th GE…to make them understand real freedom.
Looking at the big majority for BN…are these people nuts….no brain at all?
from MI
Only a Batang
written by Freedom Pursuer, April 07, 2009
BN can only win Batang! but lost two Bukit, Haha..What so proud? rural folks..
from MT
written by Semut Jantan, April 07, 2009 23:03:25
Batang Ai voters,

You have spoken. You wanted to wait for another 50 years to see the SUN or the LIGHT.

Suffer on. But the West Malaysians have had enough of 50 years of BN bullshit. You guys are just starting out, I supposed. Enjoy the ride, it is only 50 years.
These are just some of the comments. There are more. What pisses me off is these people are just so damn ignorant.

I'm not Sarawakian. But I can't stand it when these ignorant people uttering such comment without using their brain. These people are somewhat the same as those UMNO goons.

To those ignorant West Malaysian,
- We East Malaysian are not stupid and uneducated. Don't stereotype us with your narrow mind.
- Your issues and political game are way different than us. Blame yourself for not understanding that.
- One Malaysia by Pakatan Rakyat? You guys? We East Malaysian have been practicing that concept for decades and we actually have more ethnic compared to you guys. And now you are bashing us and even worst condemning us? Your One Malaysia are just a piece of crap then!
- Rural folks are less important? Oh, now we are using standard to distinguish those who are needed and not in Malaysia? That's another reason for calling your One Malaysia a piece of crap.

I was thinking of congratulating you West Malaysian for showing the rakyat power. But it seems your mentality towards East Malaysian are no different than to those you guys oppose.

Seems like who ever helm the government, if they are still from West Malaysian, the result will still be the same for us East Malaysian. We'll still be marginalized.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

so-called Decendent of Sultan Sulu burnt Sabah Flags???

Lahad Datu: Police sent rapid reinforcements of 80 officers and personnel from the General Operations Force (GOF) and Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) after two groups involving 12 men burnt Sabah flags in the township, here, Saturday. DE
This is getting outrageous. Who does he think he is? Claiming as a Sultan and demanding Sabah to be handed to him? Even worst they actually burnt Sabah Flag in public as if they really own the place.
The burnt Sabah flags. source
Talk about barbaric act. And they even went to the district police station after committing the burning act as if they were challenging the police to take action on them.

The worst part is, the so-called Sultan Sulu and his followers actually had Mykad.

Well, they can keep dreaming on trying to claim Sabah. 'They' refers to any parties who are trying to get a hand on Sabah, like the Philippine and this deluded so-called Sultan Sulu. They can't even run their country properly. Sabah will be doomed if that ever happen.

I wonder how will our state government react on this incident..hmm

Monday, March 30, 2009

Strong 'show' by Sabah leaders in UMNO...yeah right..


Is it a strong show by Sabah leader or a show of weak support by the Malay? How come non-Malay can win in a Malay base party election?
"Non-Malay you say?"
Yes, the fact is they are not Malay even though they might claim as one.

SABAH emerged having one of the highest representations in Umno's top national leadership through:

- Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal (Vice-President);

- Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman (Supreme Council 2,084 votes).

- Deputy Transport Minister and Beaufort Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin (Supreme Council 1,804 votes).

- Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (Supreme Council 1,517 votes).

Shafie created history by becoming the first leader from Sabah to reach such a height in the party's 63-year history. The National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister came in third to fill-up the final veep slot, out of eight contenders.

Shafie's achievement was commendable considering that Umno entered Sabah only 18 years ago in February 1991.

Earlier, Sabah also made a big impact after Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, the Papar Member of Parliament, won as Puteri Umno chief.DE

Yup, UMNO been around for 18 years in Sabah and look where Sabah is now. The last! Be it education, economy, development, you name it, we are the last!

Except for tolerance and harmonious community regadless of race and religion, Sabah and Sarawak are the best!

And now they are jubilant just because they put up a good 'show'. For me, it's just a 'show'. Literally.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Limbang...Who's lying?


This is a bit confusing. Why are there two different stories on Limbang?
From Hafizah Kamaruddin, BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, March 16 (Bernama) -- Brunei has officially dropped its long-standing territorial claim over Limbang, a northern division in Sarawak, marking a new era in the bilateral relations between both countries, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said. B
And, Brunei response?
YB Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Dewa Dato Seri Setia Awg Lim Jock Seng, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade II, yesterday said claims on Limbang were never discussed during Monday's deliberations between Brunei and Malaysia.BB
Hmm... but this one is a bit surprising..
KUCHING: Pendekatan halus dan terperinci yang diadaptasi Ketua Menteri Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud merupakan kunci utama kepada kejayaan bersejarah penyelesaian isu tuntutan pertindihan sempadan Malaysia-Brunei.

Timbalan Speaker Dewan Rakyat Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar berkata Taib merupakan antara tokoh di sebalik peristiwa bersejarah pengguguran tuntutan Brunei ke atas Limbang. TBP
Talk about political propaganda (and an obvious one too). But this particular sentences raised my eye-brow.

A delighted Taib said Brunei and Sarawak could now look forward to closer ties and cooperation.

He said Brunei could benefit from the proposed dam at Sungai Limbang for power generation, water supply and activities related to food security.NST
Another dam project? More money to fork. And somehow, Brunei media wasn't aware of this 'dropped claim' until Malaysian Media published it. Why?

What is rather puzzling in hindsight is about why the Brunei media was not permitted to cover the press briefing.

When Borneo Bulletin as well as state media persons went to cover the press conference, they were politely shunted out saying that it was 'exclusive' for the Malaysian media.BB

If there was no discussion on Limbang, what with this confusing claim? And if there was no 'dropped claim' as claimed by Pak Lah, this is a total embarrassment to Malaysia. Seeking a last minute fame before the hand over this March (it's March already)? As for Taib, he's just an opportunist. A greedy one.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bridge, Highway & Hospital (Part 3)


Bridge, Highway & Hospital
What is the similarity between these three? All of them are yet to materialized. Just more of those lip services by the federal government?

Everyone knows of Queen Elizabeth Hospital issues. Supposedly, there was a plan made since 1995.
Nevertheless the development of Queen Elizabeth Hospital is still ongoing. The master Plan which started in 1995 will be implemented in 2 phases. Included in the plans are the construction of 2 new tower blocks which will include a new Accident and Emergency unit, a Central laboratory, several wards and the extension of the existing Intensive Care Unit with an addition of a Coronary Care Unit. source
Yet what have been done?
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Wanita chief Melanie Chia expressed regret and shock over Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad's revelation that there is no budget under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to construct a new hospital here.SK
That's right, it wasn't even list under the Ninth Malaysian Plan. Only now they are scrambling to find solution. One of the solution is using an abandoned building as temporary hospital. What happen to 1995 plan? How bad is QEH condition? Read this.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital is not the only hospital with problems in Sabah. This hospital is even worst. It doesn't even exist yet even though it was promised by Najib since 1994!

The 1994 sign board for a hospital in Nabawan.

Only recently this issue was pulled out from the 'old file' by Tan Sri Joseph Kurup.
KOTA KINABALU: State Deputy Rural Development Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup wants the hospital project in remote Nabawan, promised by the Federal Government in 1994, to start immediately. TS
This was after his seat in Pensiangan was declared vacant. What was he doing all this time when he was still an MP for Pensiangan? But what does Nabawan has to do with Pensiangan?
The Nabawan and Sook state constituencies make up the Pensiangan parliamentary seat which could see a by-election following the Court of Appeal hearing scheduled for Feb 12 and 13. TS
See the connection? Quite obvious really. But since the federal court have overturned the K.K High Court decision on nullifying his win in Pensiangan, I wonder will his now 'active' state stay active.

Lip service....again and again...and again...and again...

Sabahan Blogger to be Charged

updated (13 March 2009)
Royal insult: Bloggers to be charged
Hafiz Yatim | Mar 12, 09 6:35pm

Six people nationwide will be hauled up in court for insulting Perak Sultan Azlan Shah in blogs or through the posting of comments.

It is learnt that to be charged tomorrow are two individuals at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court, one in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, one in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and one in Butterworth, Penang. more
Who made the report on their posting of comments? It's obvious really. Go figure. A hint: They seems to be 'upholding' the royals lately.
What was the comment that said to be an insult to Perak Sultan? Shouldn't they published it so the public know weather it was really insulting or not?

One of the charged blogger was from Sabah. I wonder if the Sultan even knew who that person is. Will see who he/she is tomorrow.

This reminds me of a remark made by Tengku Adnan in Oct 4, 1997.
"On this earth, we can do whatever we like, but you must remember that when you die, you have to answer to someone. So whatever you write, especially the press, write responsibly, I'm not asking you to write truthfully, but write responsibly.."
And, during the International Woman's Day, also by him,
"All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of method. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 of them are women. Bloggers like to spread rumors, they don't like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise, we will have civil war, Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indian will kills everybody else."
Surprisingly, now, everybody regardless of political party have blog of their own. Even Mat Taib who once called bloggers as goblok, wild monkey of cyberspace and pondan, now has a blog himself.

Hmm..anyway, political bloggers, beware! They are watching.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bridge, Highway & Hospital (Part 2)


Bridge, Highway & Hospital
What is the similarity between these three? All of them are yet to materialized. Just more of those lip services by the federal government?

It's a never ending story when it comes to highway in Sabah. The most lane one can find in Sabah's 'highway' are just two lane.

Anyway, let's be realistic. It is a very hard feat if we tried to construct a highway across Sabah given it's rough geographic landscape. If we tried to construct this highway along the coast, lack of budget will be the main problem.

But, what with this 'highway promises' by the federal government? Not one but two. That would be the Keningau Highway and Kalabakan-Sapulut Highway.

KENINGAU: Pembantu Menteri Pembangunan Luar Bandar Sabah Datuk Sairin Hj. Karno berkata, Perdana Menteri Malaysia telah meluluskan kira-kira RM80 juta untuk mengatasi kesesakan jalan raya di kawasan bandar Keningau.

Katanya, peruntukan itu yang akan digunakan untuk membina ‘laluan lebuh raya’, serta menaik taraf beberapa bahagian yang menyukarkan perhubungan ke Bandar itu, diperolehi melalui surat kepada Perdana Menteri yang ditandatangani oleh semua wakil-wakil rakyat di kawasan pedalaman. SK

RM80 million to solve Keningau road problems and also building a Highway in Keningau? It was said that the allocation was granted by our Prime Minister himself. I wonder if they will continue with this after (if) Najib is sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia.

BUT, the Kalabakan-Sapulut highway is very controversial.
Those in Sabah’s construction circles have reacted with surprise to Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed’s statement that a RM536 million 'highway' to Tawau had all along been envisaged as a gravel road. source
Maybe it is connected with the recent Perak crisis. Why?
The 145km Jalan Sapulut-Kalabakan was completed on May 15 last year by Gamuda Bhd as a sub-contractor. The Perak sultan’s daughter has a stake in the company.

The project then became the subject of two reports lodged last year with the Anti-Corruption Agency, since replaced by the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission.
Can you see the conection? You can read the reports here.
What did our work minister have to said about this 'highway' project?
Mohd Zin said in a statement yesterday that heavy logging activities had been going on along the entire length of the highway, “hence the decision to settle for a gravel road (at the time)”.

“It was a joint decision by the Ministry of Works, the Economic Planning Unit and the Sabah Public Works Department,” he said.

“If the asphaltic coating work on the road had continued (under the original contract), the heavy logging activities would have definitely damaged the new road and increased the reconstruction and repair works by another RM100 million.”source
This answer is so absurd. Then what happen to the RM536 million which was supposed to be used in constructing the highway. Is he saying that gravel road cost that much? Who the hell does he think he's fooling? It's so obvious that they makan the money among them self.
It is learnt from local companies eyeing the contract that it would take at least RM150 million to apply asphaltic coating/black top road surface to the highway, which is part of the Pan-Borneo Highway that is due to be completed under the 9th Malaysia Plan (2006-2010).source
RM150 million and RM536 million, you do the math.

Ministry of Works, the Economic Planning Unit and the Sabah Public Works Department must be questioned since they were directly involved. But then again, this case is still pending even though it was reported to MACC which was still called ACA back then. Damn! Lip Service again!

RM536 million highway turn RM 536 million gravel road project.

to be continued

Bridge, Highway & Hospital (Part 1)


Bridge, Highway & Hospital
What is the similarity between these three? All of them are yet to materialized. Just more of those lip services by the federal government?

Most likely location for Labuan-Menumbok bridge
Is this bridge necessary? What was the main reason for building this bridge?
He said a bridge between Sabah and Labuan would be good for the island as it would spell more tourist arrivals apart from easing the entry of raw materials from the mainland for industries here. TS
Can you guess who said this? It sound so simple and obvious. Anyone can think of this reason and for me, it's still not solid enough to make ground on the cause of constructing this bridge. Check the link, you might be surprised (or maybe not) to know the identity behind this remark. (Tourist? Doesn't he know that Labuan is not known as a tourist destination?)

Why do I say it's not solid enough?
The study would look into the pros and cons of a bridge with an estimated span of 17km and cost at least RM550mil, as stated in the Labuan Development master plan drafted in 1997. TS
The cost was already high in 1997. What about now? We're talking about 12 years gap. The cost would be insanely high. With the economic depression that are engulfing the world economy, is it wise to build this bridge now? Most important of all, who's money will they use to make it? I'm not against it but is it so urgent to build such bridge?

Besides, shouldn't they invest these money for other urgent matters, let say, a hospital for example. Ring any bell?
“Something of this magnitude is not immediately possible but it should be given due attention,” he said after launching the halal distribution hub at Kiansam, some 20km from downtown Labuan, yesterday. TS
Oh... In other words, just another lip service. So, the blood sucking ferry operator between Labuan-KK and Labuan-Menumbok can still keep forking money from the ferry users. For now.

to be continued

Friday, March 6, 2009

Shipowner: "Scrap cabotage policy? No, no, no.."

Kota Kinabalu: The Malaysia Shipowners Association (Masa) said it will resist any attempts to remove the cabotage policy, claiming that scrapping it could cause huge collateral damage to the Malaysian shipping industry and undermine national interests. DE
Huge collateral damage? Wow, I didn't know that the trade route between the peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak have such impact. What about other domestic trade route? It means they are making huge sum of money with this route to the extent they are willing to resist any attempts to scrap this policy. What about Sabahan and Sarawakian then? Let us keep on suffering just so they can keep doing business?

Masa Chairman Nordin Mat Yusoff said if high shipping cost was the only reason, one could assume that when shipping cost declines, the prices of goods would likewise drop.

"But this has not been the case; total ocean freight rates declined by about 41 per cent in the last six months in Peninsular Malaysia-Sabah/Sarawak trade but this has not been reflected in the landed prices of consumer goods," he said in a statement.DE

Really? But it was just six month ago, one can't expect to feel immediate effect on the declined rate. It would take more than a year since the shipped goods would still be in the local market. No businessman would be stupid enough to drop their price of goods since most of the old stocks (which were shipped before the now declined rate) were probably not yet sold out.
However, Nordin said it is evident that the high prices of consumer goods have not been elastic and the cause for this must be investigated scientifically by relevant government agencies in the State, including the Domestic Trade Ministry and Mida. DE
Investigation again? How long will it take? Sabahan and Sarawakian have waited long enough. Even the Queen Elizabeth Hospital issue is still yet to be solve, let alone this huge issue involving all of West Malaysian.
He also said it was extremely misleading, and indeed callous, for anyone to suggest that shipping charges from Kota Kinabalu to Southampton as being twice that of similar charges from Port Klang to Southampton because of the cabotage policy.DE
Who said the price was being twice? But it's a fact that the price will be higher than what it was supposed to be since they ship it twice.
"In fact the argument against the cabotage policy cannot be more wrong because cabotage does not prevent any ship from calling between Kota Kinabalu and Southampton much as it does not between Port Klang and Southampton," he said. DE
Yes, but that applies only to Malaysian vessels that ship imported goods. Ships from Southampton (or any other part of the world) are permitted to sail to Sabah and Sarawak but not cargo ships. And how many Malaysian-flag ships that dock in Sabah and Sarawak are actually making a direct shipping route outside Malaysia? I can only think of MISC.
Alluding the furore to "barking up the wrong tree", he explained the removal or relaxation of the cabotage policy would in no way change this position because the question of shipping lines serving between KK and a foreign port would be influenced by, among other factors, volume of cargo, remoteness (geographical) of the market and port infrastructure and performance. DE
Yes, but the problem is, all the factors that influencing the price are done twice due to this policy. Why not shorten it into just once?
Urging the manufacturers and producers not to confuse the central issue, he said Masa was willing to sit down with relevant government agencies as well as manufacturers and producers in Sabah and Sarawak to help jointly identify and examine related costs in the transportation pipeline together with other players in the link. DE
Feeling the heat are we.. You guys better do it quickly and come out with an acceptable solution. If not, this cabotage policy between peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak must be scrap.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Cabotage Policy...What is it?


First, let me enlighten you about Cabotage Policy. (Just in case you don't know)
Cabotage refers generally to the transport of passengers and goods. Originally, it referred specifically to shipping, but cabotage also applies to airlines, trucking, and trains. Many nations have cabotage laws which dictate the terms which carriers must follow when transporting people or materials within their borders. Many of these laws are designed to promote the development of domestic transport companies, and some cabotage laws have been criticized because they can restrict free trade. source
So, why did Malaysia government implemented this policy?
The Malaysian Government has implemented a policy which reserves the transportation of goods in the domestic trades to ship flying the Malaysian Flag. This policy was necessary because only a small number of Malaysian registered ships were playing the coastal routes. The policy which reserves the domestic trade to its own flagged vessels is known as Cabotage Policy. It was implemented in Malaysia on 1 January 1980. To implement the policy, the Merchant Shipping Act 1952 (MSO 1952) was amended.source
It is kind of similar with NEP concept since this policy is protecting certain group (in this case Malaysian vessel) in the domestic shipping business. So, what seems to be the problem?
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah is unlikely to achieve its ambition to become a leading port hub in this region, despite its great potential to take over the role of Port Kelang and even Singapore port, if the cabotage policy for East Malaysian states continues to exist.DE
If this is the reason, I bet our federal government wouldn't even bother since it will jeopardize the already established Port Kelang and also their business. Or will it?
"We are not totally against the cabotage policy because in other countries there are also such policies. We are just hoping for the cabotage policy between the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak be lifted or abolished," he said.DE
In other words, it will only effect their business domestically between peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak. So, what's in for Sabah and Sarawak?
He said the other main benefit expected from the abolition of the cabotage policy in Sabah is the reduction of the trade imbalance between Sabah and the peninsula resulting from the cargoes generated from manufacturing growth as manufacturing will be more competitive due to the elimination of the shipping barriers.DE
Hmm, in other word, foreign shipping company can directly ship imported goods to Sabah and Sarawak.

It works like this, a foreign vessel carrying imported goods cannot sail directly to Sabah and Sarawak port due to this policy. Every imported goods must be ship with a Malaysian vessel. So, the foreign vessel have to empty their ships at Port Kelang. From there, Malaysian vessel will then ship these goods to Sabah and Sarawak. This cause the price of these goods to rise. The goods can be anything from raw materials to finish products.

Will the federal government listen and take any action? Let's wait for a while and see.. the respond might not be a positive one.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We can print, write the word Allah..But..

“The printing, publishing, sale, issue, circulation and possession of any document and publication relating to Christianity containing the words ‘Allah’, ‘Kaabah’, ‘Baitullah’ and ‘Solat’ are prohibited unless on the front cover of the document and publication are written with the words ‘FOR CHRISTIANITY’,” Fr Lawrence said, quoting from the letter dated Feb 16, 2009.

“The words ‘FOR CHRISTIANITY’ referred to in sub paragraph (1) shall be written clearly in font type Arial of size 16 in bold,” he added.

The notification, which falls under the Internal Security Act, was gazetted on Feb 16 this year.MI

Meaning, we can use it but we can't say it. If we want to say it, we must say it in front of Christians only since the phrase For Christianity is needed.

Since most of our previous publications, songs, articles contain this word but not the compulsory phrase, beware, we might get ISAed (Isai Sumaap Atangkap). New materials are needed.

In Christianity, human words are irrelevant when we are praising God. That is why the Bible is not restricted only to one language (which is Hebrew). So, it doesn't really matters weather we are ban or not from using 'Allah'. As long as they don't ban Christianity itself.

Just that we want to tell those peoples responsible that don't press us too much for we'll defend our faith.

One more thing, this case is still not yet resolve in court. So, this gazetted letters from the Home Ministry can be seen as acting in contempt of court.

Oh, I almost forgot, FOR CHRISTIANITY. Hehe..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Utusan done it again. No wonder people call it Utusan Meloya, Penyebar Fitnah Rakyat.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bintulu..hard one...


Firstly, my sincere condolence towards the family of Batang Ai assemblyman.

That means another by-election will be held. This time it will be in the land of the hornbill. Who will be chosen by the people of Batang Ai? BN, PKR or maybe Independent?

Anwar recently (21 Feb) have begun his first step in trying to capture Batang Ai. He gave an open speech in Bintulu. It was estimated about 4,000 people attended the speech. You can listen to his speech here.

I've listen to his speech. To be fair, it's a bit too 'peninsularize'. I just wonder how it will woo the voter in Bintulu to switch from BN to PKR. He didn't touch much about Bintulu but more to what is happening in Perak and Selangor.

Honestly, East Malaysian (Sabah, Sarawak) doesn't really care about all that. What we need is development and retrieving our rights back. We have our own issues and we just can't be bother by Ketuanan, Sultan, Racism, Cows, Babi, Karpal, Altantuya or any of those penisular stuff.

And Sarawakian is known to have a strong sentiment towards the idea of outsider trying to control their state. Just recently, I had a chat with my Sarawakian friend; even though he dislike BN, he's also not into the idea of outsider party (UMNO, PKR) trying to gain control on Sarawak.

Sabahan already gone through with this 'ruling by an outsider party' decade and it sucks. I just hope Sarawak won't repeat the same mistake we had. Even though some might say PKR is different from BN, yet when it comes to politic, trust no one. (And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I dislike Anwar.)

Bintulu is different from the two Bukit by-election. PKR will have a hard battle.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bye-bye Proton Perdana...

Kota Kinabalu: All 12 Sabah Ministers will be using imported Volvos for official use while senior government officers will continue to use the Proton Perdana, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said, Wednesday.DE
Hm? Why?
On their cost, he said there was not much difference and the Government hoped to save on maintenance cost as that for Proton Perdana was higher.DE
Oh..maintenance cost. I really wondered, why does proton maintenance cost seems to be so 'high'? What does Proton have to say about this?
PETALING JAYA: Proton has hotly denied claims that the cost of maintaining its Perdana model is high and reiterated that the fee charged is reasonable.

In a statement here yesterday, Proton said the maintenance cost depended largely on regular servicing at authorized service centers every three months or every 5,000km or as recommended by the manufacturer. It said the mileage per year and the driver’s driving habits would also determine the maintenance cost.TS

So, Proton denied it. Anyway, what model will Sabah Ministers use?
On another development, Musa who is also the Minister of Finance said only state ministers and assistant ministers had switched to using black Volvo 2.5 as official cars from the Proton Perdana V6 Executive, previously.NST
2.5? Ok, since no others details were given, these are the most likely Volvo car that will be used.


What about the price?
He said the Volvo cars were purchased by Angkatan Hebat, which is a subsidiary of the state government and the sole agent for Volvo in Sabah. The vehicles are leased to the state government and he hopes it will save maintenance cost.NST
Oh, it was leased. So Sabah government didn't bought those car. Ok, who is this Angkatan Hebat? Read this.

Angkatan Hebat Full Company Profile

So, basically, the money is just being circled around. It is the same as buying those Volvo car. 70% goes back to Sabah state government and 30% went to.....

You figure it out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Take it and suffer later on' or 'Suffer now'...

He urged the people in Sabah's east coast to accept the reality that a new power plant was necessary for the area, as it would not only benefit the industries but could also improve their economy with the creation of more jobs and business opportunities.DE
Is this a threat? It's like saying if you don't accept the coal-powered plant to be build here, you'll have lesser jobs and business opportunities. Holding Sabahan a ransom? Shame on you SESB and also to you, Sabah state government.

Everyone knows that coal is cheap, yet also polluting our environment. And speaking of cheap, isn't these coal will be imported from Indonesia? Would it still be cheap?

But really, do we actually have a choice? What about gas? Oh, it is already schedule to be pipe to Bintulu!

Since they broke their promises to scrap the Kimanis-Bintulu gas pipeline project, I wouldn't be surprised if this 'coal-powered plant' plan suddenly made available.

At the end, they left Sabahan with only two available option, take it and suffer later on or suffer now. No matter which one we choose, we'll still suffer. Damn!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sabahans, losers...sigh..

Labelling such politicians as people who did not succeed in their attempt to get what they wanted, Musa, who is also the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman, said if the Sabah people followed the principles of such leaders, they would only end up at the losing end.DE
Sabahan already at the losing end. We lose our resources (timber, oil and gas), we lose our land (Tingkayu is not the first to happen in Kunak), we lose our right as indigenous people of Sabah to the 'new Malay' aka Illegal Immigrants. I wonder which leaders is our CM is refering to. He might be looking at a mirror while saying such remark.

"These political leaders always get angry and criticise the Federal Government although Sabah has already been given a RM20 billion allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMK-9). If the Federal Government gives RM20 billion, how can we be angry?DE
When was this allocation given? When did Sabah become the last (almost) in all aspects compare to other states in Malaysia? And this RM20 billion allocation, have anything started yet? Let say, SDC? How about solving the citizenship problems in Sabah? NONE!

And saying we should not be angry after nothing have been done? Just because we are given the largest sum of fund, it doesn't meant a thing if it stay as an 'allocation'. Spent it wisely for the benefit of Sabahan. Oh, I forgot about the corruptness of our leader!!

And this is not the first time Sabah gets a hand on huge allocation. Yet we are still losers!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Warga Sabah dianiayai Polis di KL.



Seperti yang diceritakan kepada Julie Jidwin pada 26/1/2009 dan 28/1/2009.


Tel: 013-6763092 atau 013-3261971

Alamat rumah: D-00-06 Blok D Jalan Batu Nilam, 15 Bandar
Bukit Tinggi, 42000 pelabuhan Klang.
Pekerjaan: Pekerja Teknikal
Kampung asal: Kg. Bangkahak, Kota Belud, Sabah.


Keluarga saya sedang mengadakan makan-makan sebab beberapa orang kawan akan pulang bercuti ke Sabah

Sekitar jam 6 petang, mereka terdengar bunyi yang mencurigakan di halaman flat. Kawan-kawan saya ada di luar sebab ada yg bersedia balik ke rumah

Sebuah Van warna perak(silver) bertingkap cermin gelap datang dan ada 7 orang lelaki berpakaian biasa keluar, mereka memakai T'shirt dan jeans.

Ada beberapa orang kawan sedang berdiri di luar rumah ketika itu. Saya terdengar bunyi kecoh di tepi jalan di luar bangunan flat dan keluar dari rumah, mendapati keadaan kecoh sebab dengan kehadiran beberapa orang berpakaian biasa.

Saya berasa curiga pada mulanya. Menurut kawan-kawan, sebaik sahaja orang-orang (polis) itu datang, mereka terus membuat pemeriksaan dengan kasar, termasuk perbuatan menendang dan menampar tanpa memperlihatkan kad pengenalan polis mereka terlebih dahulu.

Apabila saya sampai ke tempat kejadian, keadaan masih kecoh dan saya dipanggil dan berjumpa secara baik dengan seorang anggota yg mencurigakan itu, lalu dia tunjukkan kad pengenalan polis beliau, Inspektor Hadi, lalu inspektor tersebut menyuruh saya supaya menyuruh orang-orang yang membuat kecoh itu supaya tidak buat kecoh.

Dalam situasi itu, saya langsung tidak menyentuh polis tersebut, kami hanya bercakap secara baik. Selepas keadaan reda, semua kami dan kawan2 masuk semula ke dalam rumah dan meneruskan
makan-makan kami, ada juga yg terus balik ke rumah masing-masing.

Saya difahamkan bahawa ada antara kawan2 yang enggan memberi kerjasama sebab curiga dengan cara anggota-anggota polis ini mendatangi mereka.

Dalam jam 8 malam lebih, polis datang balik dengan membawa rotan dan lain-lain alat memukul. Pada masa itu, isteri saya sedang menjemur kain di luar rumah. Isteri saya ternampak polis tersebut lalu memanggil saya.
Saya pun keluar dari dalam rumah dan bertanya pada polis tersebut dengan secara baik, "Encik, ada apa

Tanpa kata-kata, tiba-tiba polis itu tunjuk saya dan terus menggari saya, lalu memukul saya. Banyak yang menyaksikan saya di pukul masa itu. Kawan-kawan saya terdengar bunyi kecoh dan keluar. Sebaik saja keluar, kawan-kawan saya juga di pukul polis.

Seorang kawan, bernama Eddy @ Gusting bin Sully (K/P 730802-12-5425), di pukul dengan teruk hingga berdarah-darah. Kawan yang lain ternampak dan tidak sampai hati melihat dia dipukul tanpa sebab, lalu cuba mententeramkan keadaan dengan menyabarkan mereka, tetapi sebaliknya di tangkap polis dan di bawa ke lobi Bukit Tinggi.

Kami di belasah dengan teruk semasa keluar dari van di lobi Bukit Tinggi. Kami kemudian di soal siasat.> Semasa soal-siasat, saya bertanya kepada polis (Inspektor Hadi), "Kenapa saya di tangkap sedangkan masa kejadian petang tadi, kamu suruh saya kasi tau diorang supaya jangan kecoh-kecoh".

Inspektor Hadi menjawab saya, "Kamu diamlah, kau saya tau lah".

Selepas di tahan lebih kurang 2 jam di lobi Bukit Tinggi, kami di bawa ke Balai Polis Klang.

22/12/2008 Balai Polis Klang (ditahan 8 hari)

Kami di soal siasat lagi di Balai Polis Klang, kami di tanya siapa yang pukul dan tampar polis. Saya menjawab, saya tidak tahu, saya tidak pukul polis, saya cuma disuruh(oleh inspektor Hadi) memberitahu supaya diorang (kawan-kawan) jangan buat kecoh. Itu sahaja.


Kami naik mahkamah Klang dan diberi reman selama 4 hari.

dalam mahkamah, kami tidak diberi peluang bercakap banyak. Dalam sepanjang penahanan kami, kami ada di bawa ke mahkamah sebanyak 3 kali tetapi kami tidak dipanggil / tidak disebut dalam mahkamah.

Pada masa itu, tempoh reman 4 hari kami sudah tamat. (dikira dari 21/12, sudah tamat pada 24/12/2008)
Kami di tahan selama 8 hari di Balai Polis Klang. Semasa dalam perbicaraan mahkamah, polis meminta 4 hari
reman tetapi ditolak oleh hakim dan hanya diberi 2 hari sambung reman. Oleh itu, reman di sambung 2 hari lagi.

28 Dec 2008 (Balai Polis Klang ke Balai Polis Port Klang).

Pada 28 kami di soal siasat sekali lagi. Selepas itu, kami di bawa ke Balai Polis Port Klang.

29 Dec 2008 Balai Polis Port Klang Kami di tahan 3 hari di Balai Polis Port Klang.

30th Dec, 2008 Kami di beritahu bahawa kami akan masuk mahkamah esok dan akan di dakwa.

31st Dec 2008: Kami masuk mahkamah. Hakim tidak datang, yang ada Cuma DBP (Polis 3 paku).

Beliau(DBP) menyebut kes kami, kami disabitkan kesalahan Seksyen 353 dan 427. Kami boleh diikat jamin sebanyak RM8,000 dengan syarat 2 orang penjamin: seorang Sabahan dan seorang orang Semenanjung.

Isteri dan kawan-kawan hadir tetapi Cuma ada RM3000-4000, oleh yang demikian tidak cukup untuk menjamin. Oleh yang demikian, petang itu kami di bawa ke penjara Sungai Buluh.

Di sini, saya di tahan dari 31/12/2008 hingga 21/1/2009, selepas wang jaminan sebanyak RM8,000 dibayar oleh isteri saya, wang atas ikhsan semua ahli keluarga kami.

Kes saya akan disebut semula pada 12 Februari 2009. Pada masa ini, akibat dari penahanan saya, saya mengalami banyak kerugian:

1) saya kehilangan pekerjaan sebab di tahan lebih dari sebulan; saya ada 1 anak berumur 7 tahun.
2) anak saya gagal mendaftar sekolah sebab ketiadaan saya. Isteri saya terpaksa menghantar anak saya balik ke Sabah bersama kakak dia supaya mungkin boleh bersekolah di Sabah.
3) saya menderita kesakitan bahagian telinga kiri, akibat di tumbuk dan ditampar oleh polis – sewaktu turun dari van di lobi Bukit Tinggi.

Dengan ini saya memohon pembelaan yang adil terhadap saya dan kawan-kawan yang tidak melakukan apa-apa kesalahan.


Laporan: Muksin bin Sentem (dari Kota Belud), K/P 741003-12-5625 Tel: 019-2036 591

Kejadian berlaku di rumah saudara Edward bin Sindam.


8 malam lebih: Polis datang tangkap Edward & Eddy. Semasa saya keluar, saya lihat Eddy di pukul dengan teruk hingga hidung berdarah. Kami semua jadi panik, sebab Eddy kelihatan sudah mahu pengsan kena pukul. Saya tengking polis tu: "apasal ni bawa kayu, apasal samseng nih, kalau polis nak tangkap orang pun apasal mau pukul teruk macam nih".

Saya tolak polis untuk mengelakkan Eddy dari dipukul lebih teruk sebab dia kelihatan macam mau pengsan
sudah. Saya digari dan turut di pukul selepas itu.

Dalam pertuduhan terhadap saya, saya di tuduh menampar polis. Pihak polis menukar cerita dan menuduh saya menampar. Saya tahu saya tidak menampar polis, saya cuma tolak polis supaya Eddy tidak di cederakan dengan lebih teruk.

Pada masa ini, masih ada 2 orang dalam tahanan sebab tidak mampu membayar wang jaminan, iaitu: Alfred (dari Kota Marudu) dan Dapit (Nabawan).


Kes ini akan di dengar di mahkamah Klang pada 12/2/2009; Ragu-ragu yang defendan (Edward /Muksin / Alfred / Dapit), akan diberi ruang untuk membela diri; Muksin meminta bantuan mencari peguam; Memohon bantuan MSM untuk memantau supaya mereka dapat dihakimi dengan adil, sebab terdapat unsur-unsur diskriminasi dan salah guna kuasa.

NOTA: telah menghubungi Edward dan beliau mengesahkan kes berkenaan ada benar dan kini mula didengar di Mahkamah dan mereka tidak mengaku salah. Mereka meminta bantuan Tan Sri Bernard Dompok dan sedang dalam pemerhatian beliau.