Sunday, July 26, 2009

PAS president stupid, obnoxious, racist and arrogant remarks..


I'm so disturbed by this remarks which was quoted from non-other that PAS president himself, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

I'm not Sarawakian but as a Sabahan and as a people of Borneo, the remarks really irritate me to the point that.........just.....damn!!

I've wrote about how west Malaysian stereotyped us east Malaysian and this is an example of such stereotype with the highest order of chauvinist like mentality. And this actually came from a party that are said to champion the people rights?!!

What was the remark?
Hadi was reported as saying: “Semua pilihanraya kecil sebelum ini keputusannya memihak kepada kita. Cuma di Batang Ai sahaja kita kalah sebab mereka ini tidak reti undi, pakai cawat lagi. Saya bukan nak hina tetapi tempat yang pakai molek, undi PAS.
[or in English]
(In all previous by-elections, the results favoured us. Only in Batang Ai we lost because they did not know how to vote, still wearing loincloths. I am not trying to insult but in those places where people dressed nicely, they voted for PAS.)”TBP
By the time I wrote this post, there are still no sign or news of Hadi apologizing or retracting his remark.

If this is the kind of mentality they have in their narrow mind regarding East Malaysian, they are no different than those Umno/BN goons who think of us only as a fix deposit or an example of 1Malaysia nation.

PAS, another racist party. In fact, all of West Malaysian parties are racist. That's how East Malaysian sees it. Hadi's remark just confirms it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

After the 100th day...


It's old news even though it happen just a week ago. Our PM have dishes out 11 goodies for us right before the Manek Urai by-election. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Now people are more interested in an 'accident' that took place at the MACC building. It's a sad incident indeed. But that's another topic.

How about the 11 'goodies'?

1. a 20% discount for motorists who pay toll 80 times a month via Smart Tag or Touch ’n Go from Sept 1.
I don't see this as feasible. 80 times a month? Only via Smart Tag or Touch 'n Go? Only a bunch of the whole highway users will benefit from this and most likely these 'bunch' are a wealthy bunch. And this measure is actually aimed at the low income motorist? How many of these low income motorists actually use the highway 80 times a month? So impractical I would say.

2. some 44,000 low-cost houses in Kuala Lumpur to be sold to existing tenants.
How about the loan procedures, the interest rate, eligibility..?

3. a 50% discount on licences for petty traders in the Federal Territory.
Hmm..Ok, I have to give credit on this one.

4. a RM150mil allocation for entrepreneurs, and another RM15mil specifically for young Indian businessmen.
Sounds good...just wondering, where do they get the allocation from?

5. another 3,000 taxi permits to be approved soon.
3,000 more blood sucker in the making. No offense to taxi drivers but I'm yet to find a single taxi driver who are not a 'blood sucker'. I hope the recent increase on taxi fare would reduce their blood sucker-ness.

6. expediting birth registrations in Sabah and Sarawak.
Now this is serious. How will they differentiate illegal immigrants from Sabahan or Sarawakian? It happens before and this would be seen as an opportunity by these 'alien' to become citizen. I smell another population boom in Sabah. Damn!

7. clearing the backlog of citizenship applications.
This also bears the same problem as point 6. And isn't Sabah and Sarawak state government has full authority on its state NRD? How come the federal government can say 'clear the backlog of your citizenship applications'? Double Damn!!

8. improving access to basic utilities in rural areas.
This also focused on Sabah and Sarawak. And the sad part is, this was already promised way back after they took (read 'stole') Sabah in 1994. What with this re-promised promise? Triple Damn!!!

9. reducing the cost to obtain a B2 motorcycle licence (under 250cc).
More Mat Rempit in the making.

10. setting up a new trust fund, Amanah Saham 1Malaysia, for investors aged above 18.
Where will the money be invested? Will there be any race quota since it's called Amanah Saham 1Malaysia? Who are eligible to invest in this fund, the rich, the poor? I see a long queue up ahead..

11. various measures to be announced soon to curb crime and corruption.
Ironically, the MACC incident happens. Crime and corruption complete in one package. And it's a big one too.

Populist? I wonder what's installed in the next 100th day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No more PPSMI or Teaching Science and Mathematics in English


First thing comes to my mind after knowing this decision was "Is it politically motivated?". And unsurprisingly, that was also the first thing they denied in scraping this policies. Which only fuel my doubt on weather this was politically motivated or not.

This issue have been long discussed, debated, questioned and to some extent, condemned by different walks of people in Malaysia.

It all comes down to one word. Politic.

Who will suffer from this? The pupils, students, teachers and our future.
Who will benefit from this? The politicians and chauvinist nationalist.

Was PPSMI a failure?

He however denied that the PPSMI policy had failed.

"I wouldn't say it was a complete failure, but it did not achieve what it was supposed to achieve," he said.M.I

A 'maybe' answer. And this answer actually came from our DPM.

So, was the previous policy a success? I meant before PPSMI was implemented. If it was successful, why did they made PPSMI policy? So, the policy before PPSMI wasn't successful either. Then, why are they taking a step backward?

Politicians really screwed our education system. And they actually realized it since they sent their children to international school or private school.


*You can read the data about this policy here during its 6 years implementation.