Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Malaysia, Sabah the best example? Don't talk sweet!!

Kota Kinabalu: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on his maiden visit to Sabah as Prime Minister praised the State for displaying the best example of his "One Malaysia: People First, Performance Now" concept.DE
The best? Really? But that wasn't the case when we were still an opposition 15 years ago. What were the accusation by the federal government back then? Forgot already? Let us walk down the memory lane.

- Sabah is anti-West Malaysian.
- Sabah discriminate Muslims.
- Sabah pro-Christian.
- Sabah is a very hostile place.

These were during Sabah was still an opposition (PBS era). They said all these just so they can break our unity back then. It didn't work so they used an even dirtier tricks. Defection or better know as "Katak" and also 'Projek I.C' people. The result? Well, just look at Sabah now. The last in every aspect and it all happen during Umno reign.

And now, after their power depends solely on Sabah and Sarawak, they came back uttering sweet words.
Recalling his statement a few years ago that Sabah is like a "fixed deposit" in the BN, he quipped his visit was to check the value of the fixed deposit and believed the value would remain at a high level.DE
Oh..fixed deposit again? What, are we just some kind of bailout cash for them to stay in power?

Ok, before anyone says that it's the Sabahan own fault for not having the balls to make a change, let me give these 'anyone' a bit of history lesson.

Which state in Malaysia that have change more than 2 ruling party since the birth of Malaysia?
P.Pinang? Kedah? Perak? Kelantan? Terengganu? Selangor?

The answer is Sabah. We've tasted 5 different ruling party and we give them the boot every time they perform poorly. Unko/Upko, Usno, Berjaya, PBS and BN. Excepts for PBS where Umno/BN played dirty. So, don't call us as afraid of change, we already beat you guys to it way before you guys wanted change. ('you guys' refer to those ignorant opposition members from PR and Umno/BN)

People first, performance now? Sabah the best example for one Malaysia? These words doesn't mean anything to me. I believe most Sabahan also doesn't give a damn about it. What we want is the actual result.

Simply put, Walk The Talk. Don't just blah..blah..blah.. We Sabahan are not that gullible with these sweet praises. Or we'll give you the boot, again!