Monday, October 19, 2009

Next year, 16 September is a public holiday in Malaysia.


At last, after 46 years, 16 September would be a public holiday starting next year. Or is it? Well, our PM might have just announced it today but I'm not convinced yet until it really happen next year. Who knows, everything is possible nowadays.

To tell the truth, I see this announcement more of a politically motivated move to gain the support from us Sabahan and Sarawakian.

But let's pretend that it is not politically motivated and take it as it is.

Then, what about the history fact behind this date? Would the people of Malaysia know anything about it? Or is it only the people of Sabah and Sarawak?

IF the facts about this historical date remain untold to all Malaysian, IF the facts about this historical date remain distorted, IF....there are a lot of IF... Then, this date would be nothing more than just another holiday.

Well, let us see next year. I hope it would not be another meaningless celebration like last years.


Gallivanter said...

It's a start nevertheless.

guong said...

Hmm...I hope so. I'm still in doubt though about the sincerity of this 'holiday'.

Anonymous said...

political gimmick only...

guong said...

yeah..obvious really.. but like gallivanter's a start. short though..