Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why Indonesia hate Malaysia?


This is actually an old issue but brought back to the spot light due to some error in a documentary by Discovery Channel.

But, was this the main cause for Indonesian to 'attack' us? I meant literally attack us. It was in the news just now that they want to wage war against us. They went burning Malaysian flags and ironically, Padang in Indonesia just went through a devastating disaster.

If they do attack us or wage war against Malaysia, this would be the most ridiculous war in modern history.

And then the 'maid abuse' issues, detention center issues, and other immigration related issues. But these happen in other country too. Even in America. Why not attack them too?

I tried searching the web to understand the cause of this hatred. It seems the one that Indonesians are mad at are actually their own brothers and sisters. And I come to this conclusion.
Indonesia hate us (Malaysia) because we Malaysian are seen as arrogant, obnoxious and discriminating them. We Malaysian are thought to treat Indonesian as inferior. To add insult to the injury, most of these Malaysian actually originated from Indonesia.
The question is, is it true?
Well, from the way I see, hear and talk with the people around me, I have to say Yes. Not entirely but generally, we Malaysian do look down at Indonesian. We may like their music, movies, yet we have these stereotypes and prejudice towards them.

The problem is, not all Malaysian are like that.


Gallivanter said...

Well, of course not all Malaysians, just the majority Malay ones who are from Indonesia anyway. ;-)

guong said...

It's ironic the one who once claim to be the son of the soil are now accused of plagiarizing by another son of the soil..

Anonymous said...

dia org punya anak cucu berlambak2 kat sini..tinguk sana itu Tawau...brp rmai saudara mara dia org....bodoh la...

if they hate us..means they hate their own brothers n sisters

Anonymous said...

the indonesians obviously hate the Malays none other than because they are jealous. this is the root cause.

if only they are more developed than Malaysia economically, this hatred would not have been exist at all.

guong said...

deepo: Well, their hatred is more towards the Peninsular actually..but since Sabah and Sarawak are also a part of Malaysia, kena juga tempias la sikit2..

Anon: Maybe, but we Malaysia do show off a bit sometimes..

wyd said...

indonesians know not all malaysians act so but those malaysians are too many and they're reported by mass media

Muhd said...

we r one human race rite?? why human must hate each other? we human should hate setan or demon. PS, im Malaysian, and proud to be islam, but i do love peterpan band. they rules!!1

Haryo Bimo said...

Malaysian Malays are less educated than Malaysian Chinese, and they're long have been regarded as culturally inferior by Indonesians. After the 1997/1998 economic crisis, Indonesia experienced a setback more than Malaysia. Therefore, Malaysia's condition is a bit better than Indonesia. It can be seen from per capita GDP in which Malaysia has USD 6,896, while Indonesia USD 2,329. In addition, some Indonesian poor begin to go to Malaysia to find jobs.

However, it may lead into a wrong impression since Indonesia's population is ten times of Malaysia. Of course poverty is more obvious in Indonesia. While Malaysia's population is 30 millions and not all of them are rich, Indonesia's rich is more than 30 millions people. More than all Malaysian population put together! So who's richer actually?

Since Malaysian Malays are less educated than Chinese and thus begin to feel more superior than their neighbor. Malaysian government act no more silly by trying to show to the Malays that they're now negara maju. Some Malays don't even care to see that a negara maju has about USD 30,000 per capita income, stil a long long way to go!

However, they feel this moment is the right opportunity to counter their long time inferiority feeling. Now they're richer! That's why they begin to look down to Indonesians. But hey, not all of Indonesians are poor, remember? We're still a country of 30 million rich men besides 100 millions more middle class. Of course Indonesian rich and middle class get angry with such Malays attitude. If only Malays are smarter, they will realize that they're not superior at all compared to their giant neighbor. They even still enjoy Indonesian musics and movies as a proof of their inferiority.

Mendoza Sun said...

i am indonesian, and i don't hate malaysia or the malaysian people... don't believe everything you see on tv... i have a brother, and we always fight... that's what brothers do...

Anonymous said...

i am intrigued by haro bimo's comment.for me his comments are not reliable and claimed Malaysian's government as a silly. eventhough i am not an ardent supporter of current government, i think this government is still far better than indonesian's. the income gap in Malaysia is not as big as in indonesia. and one more thing, as indonesia has a greater population, they should have a cheaper labour force and if this can be managed well, it may alleviate the sluggish economy in indonesia. the chinese's roles in indonesia is not apparent as they are not be allowed to practice their culture and this kind of thing does not take place in Malaysia. so, i urge you please make a wise comment..

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention this, chinese in indonesia are asked to change their name to indonesians name. yeah, i believe this is a part of indonesians' courtesy~
bearing this in mind, how can the biggest muslims population in the world allows mix-marriage even their religious are not the same~ islam law forbids this, stop being so obsessed with your nation. back to islam, then we will not find any difference between us~

U_missunderstood_me said...

To all :
I still do not get Why Indonesia hate Malaysia. My conclusion is MEDIA/politics i think Indonesia Media/politics is so Free they wanted to create from nothing to something.
And if Indonesia do not like Malaysia then what the hell they come here at the first place ? And beside Malaysia Melayu at least 80% from Indonesia.
If Indonesia the people so great have time to go protest and burn flag go and do something meaning full life man. U guys do not wha's going on history between 2 national. Go independent media to understand.
Beside Malaysia is not so great is just happen better then Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Attitudes which are never changed, mindsets which are stubborn, and lack of education and the ability to accept or carefully comprehend the situation is what cause this horrifying tragedy

frez_oren said...

Let me get things straight. First of all, I'm a Malaysian.

When the Indonesians said that they hate Malaysia because we are haughty, I am not that surprised. I admit that my country sometimes likes to show off the country's latest achievement. We are thought to be an arrogant neighbour. If I were an Indonesian, I would also be irritated an felt offended by what the Malaysians did.

However, Malaysians should not be blamed 100%. The Indonesians launched a riot to display their anger against Malaysia by burning the country's flag. What is this?? And some even mocked our leaders (especially Najib and Sultan Mizan). And it is sad to see the Indonesians disrespect the "Negaraku". Come on Indonesia, your attitude is a shame. You do not want to be the laughing stock of the rising nations, don't you? Please don't be offended over such small matters. We are brothers. Being driven by emotion is a sign of imprudence.

Anonymous said...

I am Indonesian,.
And, yes,. I hate you, Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

We are not jealous to you, Malaysia..
Kita hanya tidak suka dengan sikapmu yang suka mengklaim milik kami. Dan sikapmu yang tak pernah menghargai kami sebagai tetangga mu. Kami berusaha untuk baik kepada semua negara termasuk negaramu, tapi kamu selalu membuat kami kecewa, dengan mengambil ini dan itu. Kami memang miskin, ekonomi kalian memang lebih baik dibandingkan kami. Meski begitu, itu tidak mempengaruhi apapun/ sedikitpun, kami bahkan bangga menjadi bagian dari bangsa yang beradab, bahagia, dan kaya akan budaya. Tidak seperti kalian, yang selalu sinis, dan tak pernah berusaha menghargai sesuatu. Jika ada, dari kami membakar bendera negaramu. Mungkin itu karena kami lelah, karena sikapmu yang begitu menyedihkan.
Ini bahasa kami, bukan bahasa melayu. Tapi, Bahasa Indonesia, yang berkembang. :)
ohya, berubahlah menjadi bangsa, yang lebih menghargai sesuatu, termasuk menghargai tetanggamu.
Hargailah kami, kami pasti menghargaimu.
:) salam perdamaian.

Anonymous said...

I would to translate a bit. Anon above me said that indonesians are dissapointed by your attitude ,malaysian. Especially your goverment attitude toward our maid. It just plain dissapointing. Our media is very free speaking since soeharto regime (yes chinese holocaust happening when this guy rule our country) is over. We didint hide our feeling, we open abt every weakness and our power in the same time equally. It just plain sad that your goverment hide too much from you, malaysian ppl. If you get irritated by our action burning your flag, you can do the same actually. It simple and fair. I personally, didnt hate malaysian. Neither too love you guys too. We just want to fix our economy. It's OK if you want to show off, everybody does it. But pls dont claim what is ours as yours (claiming balinese as malaysians is simple stupid, pls talk and do like educated ppl and OPEN YOUR HISTORY BOOK. Bali have very far root from melayan) and if you want to look down on us. Pls do it quietlly. Like those advance country do. Caphisce? :)

happyman said...

It is sad because Malays and Indonesians once were one country before the greedy Europeans came and divided them and exploited them. Hopefully they will unite and become strong again. I am not from there btw.

ajeeqRDB said...

To the anonymous who posted about the translation thingy, here it is to clarify on the issue of the Balinese Dancer, here's the link,

It's an error made by someone else, not by some uneducated Malaysian. And also your claim to what is ours? Hear this out, the Malaysian Chinese who has migrated to Malaysia are free to practice and live their culture without fear from the backlash of The People's Republic of China. It's common sense, their ancestors are from China hence they are born, bred and taught to live as a cultured Chinese.

Here in Malaysia, it's likewise, the many sub-tribes, ethnics of Indonesia who happens to live on the soil of Malaysia, practiced cultural norms that they are taught ever since they are young. It's logic and common sense.

Those sub-sets of Indonesian-origin ethnics decide to unite under one common banner, which is Malaysia, hence Malaysia is born. Truth be told, Malaysia and Indonesia are really THE SAME SET of people, sharing lots of similarities only divided by politics. Well to say they are literally similar is baseless as there are difference, but not too much so far as I have observed (I'm born and bred as Malaysian, a third generation Indonesian)

To say the least, Malaysia and Singapore is the melting pot nation of different Asian cultures, quite similar to how the US is, the melting pot of the world's culture. Therefore, one would definitely observe something which is not originally Malaysia as Malaysia is a melting-pot nation.

Anonymous said...

I'm half chinese Malaysian and indo, so yeah tht feel though. Like getting twice the insult.

Enrico Aldi Suhanto said...

Wahai indonesia kita , tidak boleh menjelekan malaysia , malaysia jangan di sebut maling lagu , tarian indonesia , bahkan mereka adalah saudara kita , kita tidak boleh marah kepada mereka , kita dan malaysia adalah serumpun , kita jangan benci mereka !! , jadi saya tidak mau ada komentar yang negatif tentang malaysia !!!!!!!!.

Indon said...

I am Indonesian
Well, I should admit that years ago I might have the same thought with my fellow Indonesian who hated Malaysia, for the same reason.
The condition worsened by medias who apparently fueled this ridiculous neverending debates to an extent of almost a war propaganda.
Things changed however, and in my closed to forty of ages, I now found this rather ridiculous. I see this as nothing more than children debates:
"My candy is bigger than yours"
"Maybe, but mine is sweeter..."
"Why did you take my candy???"
And so on....

With growing concerns on China activity in the South China Sea, and other much more important issues in economic, terrorism, free market and so on... we should shift aside whatever differences we have (which is not much) and start to work together like two good neighbours should.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple : jealousy n envy.

Melayu breed are inherently a jealous and envious bunch esp. with their tribal mentality. Now add to that their average iq is around 87 near retardation, go figure. To worsen it, add Islamic occultic teachings, minuse another few points off the iq chart, you get someone with sn average iq of 70+-. It is no coincidence islam thrive in low average iq nations. Don't believe me? Name one developed islamic country or 1st world nation. Just one, even after thousands of years islam in existence! See that, not even 1!
This is also another reason why the Melayu (be it Malaysia or Indon variant) breed hate Chinese. Jealousy and envy. Thus Melayu breed always have this professional victimhood mentality as a crutch to excuse their own shittiness. They will ALWAYS BLAME OTHERS for their SELF-INFLICTED MISFORTUNE and if that fails they WILL BLAME THEIR OWN KIND that is why Melayu from Malaysia vs Indoneseia hating n despising each other, looking down on each other, their only common goal is hating their favourite bogeyman the Chinese. Inferiority complex people are like that, they need a reason to survive emotionally and since they can't compete in world stage and move upwardly, by dissing on others it gives them a sense of worth They are fearful of the real truth :
Genetics, culture and religion. These are the real reason that set them back. Not every single ones, of course, but nearly all Melayu breed is like that n it's not uniquely them. Even the black race is the same.

Truth is 99% of the time unpalatable n hard, and often time inflammatory but it is what it is.