Monday, October 26, 2009

PKR oh PKR..


Maybe the suitable title is 'Anwar oh Anwar' since he seems to be holding some sort of 'absolute power' in making a decision for PKR as a whole.

Now, he exercised his veto power in choosing Sabah's PKR chief. Story, and

The new PKR chief of Sabah is Thamrin Zaini. Who is this guy anyway?

Well, I've mentioned it before, I don't trust Anwar Ibrahim. He is famous (read, notorious) for his role in legalizing illegal immigrants by granting them Identification Card during his UMNO days under Tun Dr. Mahathir. If he is really a changed man now, why doesn't he reveal the details of the 'Projek I.C' scandal?

Now, he is making mistake after another in his effort to 'wrestle' Sabah and Sarawak from BN-UMNO during the next general election.

I can see now why SAPP rejected PR invitation to join them. Sabah's PKR is slowly crumbling from the inside. But SAPP decision comes with a risk. They will split Sabah's vote should Sabah's PKR manage to keep a hold on their crumbling party until the next general election. It will be BN-UMNO vs PR vs SAPP. If this scenario happens, PR and SAPP would be in a huge disadvantage.

Surprisingly (maybe not), BN-UMNO in Sabah is deafeningly quite. Just a few whisper here and there yet overall they are shutting their lips tight. Maybe they are enjoying the drama, snacking popcorn with a coke while sitting comfortably on their luxurious couch. Or maybe they have to keep quiet since no orders were given by their big boss back in the federal government. Typical of a 'yes man'.

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